Hopes And Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams for our life. Well, one day the dream came true for husband and wife. After being married they had purchased a run down, used trailer. “Think of it as the cutest, little, tiny house there is.” She told herself. They had parked it on land that was purchased for a bargain deal. It was a blessing of being able to get the land from the matriarchal’s parents. The trailer, although not much, was theirs.

Big fluffy white clouds filled the air with promise of wonderful days to come. “Sometimes I have my head in the clouds. Let’s be honest often I have my head in the clouds.” She, said to her husband. He knew that was true but what was she always thinking about? Hopes and dreams. She dreamed about the wonderful life that they were going to have together. The truth is she liked living there. It was always sunny! It always seemed to be the best of everything. It was positively the most lovely place to be. Unless you count being in the presence of God. Being grounded on land just didn’t have the same appeal. On the ground all sorts of reality hits.

They had a whole field of wheat that they were to care for. It was part of the whole package given to them. We are called to help cultivate the wheat. Not just our one grain but an entire field. The biggest field you possibly can imagine. Go Big! It all some days seems like such drudgery. And for what? Maybe, it is better to live in the clouds where absolutely nothing can go wrong. Will you harvest a bushel of wheat? Well that all depends on whom you place your hope. My hope is in the Lord.

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