You’re It

Remember playing tag? It was a fun past time on the playground, at camp, at family reunions, or maybe even in gym class. I think tag is especially fun if you know you’re good at running. I was not a fast runner but ran with endurance tiring my opponent out. In traditional tag there is one that chases and the other that runs away.

Having a relationship with God is not an endless game of tag. God doesn’t just show up so we can quickly tag him in an event in our life. It is not a temporary chasing. Instead, he wants a mutual relationship with you. Not a simple game of touch and go. It is not a chasing game of getting close enough to God’s presence and than running away for one reason or another. For God has plans for you, to be the best version of a Saint that you can be. True if you pay attention, if you are running away from God, he is chasing after you. However, if you are always the one being chased there is only so much God can do with your life because you didn’t surrender the rest of it to him. If you’re not interested in a deeper relationship with him, I fear that we may, have not yet discovered THE WAY. God wants to know you the most out of everybody you know. Does our time reflect that? He wants to be the closest relationship you have. Jesus is to be prioritized above marriage, above your children, above your job, above your friendships, and of course above your possessions. Your relationship with Jesus is to be the closest relationship you have and constantly remain that way. During every moment of every day.

All the great examples in the Bible witness a kind of relationship that was ongoing and personable. Our relationships in life are to reflect our relationship with God. Relationships on earth are to be “as it is in heaven.” Right or right? That is what Our Father is about. Honestly, I do not think I could ever have enough of those kind of authentic sibling relationships here on earth and I think that is a good and healthy perspective. If we struggle to have mutual holy relationships here on earth how much harder would it be to have those kind of relationships in purgatory or in heaven?

Are you always requesting that God come find you in the lost meadow? Maybe you get a running kick out of watching the whole herd moving with the Shepard after that one lost sheep. If all seems lost but your soul is close to Jesus you can endure anything. I think that is the answer; to have a stronger relationship with God. Once you have that you will be able to have stronger relationships with others, too. You will call upon him during any event. You than can better understand the true joy in being there for other as God is endlessly there for you.

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