Being Born

In this day and age, being born is a big deal. We announce it to all our near and far friends. Even acquaintances on social media get to be informed. Many parents now have a gender reveal party. So many souls for one reason or another, do not even make it that far to be born.

What if you got to decide that a soul could be here on earth? We all have some important purpose in life. I believe that. How long would you ponder in your heart to having a life? That was a trick question. Did you just think about having your very own life to do whatever you please? Or Did you think about having another’s life given to you to care for? Maybe caring for others is what would please you.

Sometimes, giving life is not a pondering question but an automatic response? Of course, I will make room for a life even if I am busy, even if I am poor, even if I have a much different plan in mind, even if no one has any idea of the dire circumstances that surround a life.

Any reason for not bringing a life into the world seems to be rooted in not knowing for certain that no matter what, God is there for you. God is Love. That is all a life actually needs. Really truly. Ok yes, a child needs food and shelter but if you have love to give, the rest will fall into place. No support of friends or family? God’s love is there for you. Many people are waiting to just help. You just need to ask the right people with love. Pray on what to do. You will see. Thanks be to God that you are born!

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