God is Jealous for you

To the best of my knowledge, envy and jealousy are not my vice in this world. I can count on one hand, oh make it two just to be safe, on the times I truly felt jealous. I am not bragging. Let’s just agree to love each other even if we sin differently from each other.

That being wrote, I think it gives me a unique perspective to share when it has snuck up on me. I also see it so readily in people close to me that wrestle with being happy for other’s gifts. The times I have jealousy, I believed for a moment that the person did not deserve the blessing that they received. Thanks be to God, he did not make me a the ultimate blessing administrator. Although, in our humble, little way, we are all to administer grace and blessings to others. Something tells me, I would have a very lopsided distribution. God does not give according to merit. Thanks be to God on that too.

When experiencing jealousy, I also had some sort of disordered thinking. I placed a good higher than God in some way. Perhaps, I did not see the sacrifices that a person had to make in order to obtain the good. I have no idea how much they prayed. I have no idea what they had to give up in order to get whatever thing I wanted too. Nor, upon examination, do I know what God’s plan is for them. Maybe, what I see as a blessing is actually a burden to them. Maybe, it is something I should not even want or anyone seeking holiness should want when in similar circumstances.

There is a song, How HE Loves Us, by David Crowder Band. As I would hear the phrase “HE is jealous for us” I would think, that can’t be right. We are not suppose to be jealous. We are to be happy for others joy. I mean, I guess jealousy is right in the correct context of motivating you to be a better brother or sister in Christ. I also know God takes all my sins (and emotions) is that what it means? He took on my negative feelings for me? For what purpose? So, I listened to the song and studied Bible verses, brought it to prayer, spent time at adoration and rediscovered a glorious truth about God. That he wants us above all other things that we can give our time, energy, and talent to. He really means the first commandment to have no other false God’s before HIM. He wants to be our number one in life and when we do not give that to HIM, HE is jealous for us. So, if jealousy is something you or someone close to you struggles with, know God understands because HE wants you more than anything.

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