Who cares?

I recently ran across this quote. (I am a bit of quote fanatic.) There is just something about knowing a small piece of someone’s mind and heart that has me hooked. Anyhow the quote was;

In a world full of people, who couldn’t care less, be the one who couldn’t care more. -Anonymous

Yes! Can you imagine if everyone took that piece of advice and cared more? It could be heaven on earth. We all know, we are called to love one another but what does that look like, practically? We are to care about our neighbor. Not necessarily our neighbor in Nepal, although that is good, but our actual neighbor. We are to be our brother and sisters’s keeper in Christ.

There are so many ways to care. The Corporal Works of Mercy would be a known starting place. Yet, even just a smile communicates that we care. Let’s try living out treating others with respect and kindness. It is not our responsibility to decide who deserves it. We all do. Caring is an unconditional response to another human soul. Caring is easy, just ask someone about how their project went. It means we care, when we listen to their answer. Trusting others with who we are, means we care. Giving others something that they need is a great deal of caring. Being authentic and genuine in caring, in any way that you see, could change the world, or at least your own little world. It doesn’t have to be big.

I am grateful for the people who help me believe that others care; my husband, my kids, close friends or someone I want to be closer to. Maybe it is that stranger that shared a heart warming comment about the beautiful day. Maybe it is the receptionist that seemed overly kind. Maybe what makes me believe in other people caring, is just simply caring more about others, myself.

We all care, just sometimes it is not as evident. If and when the devil starts to find me, it usually starts out with an internal dialog that goes something like this. “Nobody cares, … if they cared our planet would be in better shape, that shooting would not have happened, that baby would have been born, that person would not have died from accidental carelessness, that child would have been safe, that sinner wouldn’t be lonely, that friend would have reached out, I can’t do it all, actually, I’m barely doing anything, I should just give up…”. The point is it starts out with thinking that nobody cares. I know that is the devil because it isn’t actually the truth.

However, during those negative moments that sneak up on me, the some days, the bad days, the days when I for some reason struggle to see the caring people, I turn to the saints. I go to my phone, cause it is almost always with me (unlike God who is ALWAYS with me) and I play the Litany of the Saints song on repeat and pray. I rationalize; They were on earth. They know how it is. They were not fully God. They were not completely sinless from birth. They were a living flawed human being that somehow made it to see the face of God. They care what happens to us. So, I ask them to pray for us. There is just something in knowing, that a soul that is in heaven, is praying for us, that makes me believe that we are all being cared for. As a matter of fact, I believe they couldn’t care more.

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