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I recently was on a site and it warned me, this site uses cookies. Notice the word warn. You do not have to warn somebody of something if it is not a potential threat. What does that even mean that they use cookies. It makes me nervous. Does it have in cookies that while on Facebook I watched a lady decorate a cookie. It was exquisitely done. Not sure why I was mesmerized for minutes watching it but there I was watching it. I didn’t just watch it once but over and over because it was somehow entertaining and I was curious. Did I plan on making decorated cookies? Nope. Did I see into the future that the knowledge I gained would be useful? Nope. I was just honestly being wasteful with my time. Or was I? Do I want the person who runs the site, telling me that they use cookies to know of the things I do with my time on the internet? Nope. That is just one person whose opinion I seem to care more about than what God thinks of my time wasting activities. Everyday God sees how I waste my time but it took a warning from a stranger for me to realize I don’t want the world to know what I know about my internet use. I waste it in simple, pure things and tell myself it is ok cause it could be worse. The thing is it could be better too. One day, I am going to have to show that I used my time wisely. I am still alive so God must think I need lots of practice in determining how to best use my limited time here on earth. May you and I use our time wisely.

Just learn to accept that absolutely nothing on your phone is a secret. That is what I have come to accept. Heck there could even be picture satellite, for all I know. I mean maybe your reasonings for some cookie could be justified because your heart was pure before, after, during your cookie making extravaganza. The thing is God knows it all. He knows everything. He is God almighty. He not only knows your actions that everyone can see but he knows your heart, he knows your reasons and he knows your why. So what may seem like humiliation to one person is truly humble service. May you guard your heart (and your internet browser) because everything you do flows from it.

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