Lead with Beauty

When you have good news you want to share it. I think a fair amount of blessings that have been bestowed upon me and I should pass them on. Part of me wants to share every single holy story with you, all at once. Sometimes love can happen in an instant but the lasting kind of love grows slowly over time. So I may want to swamp you with so much abundant love that God has for all of us but I am trying to have the wisdom to share one small piece at a time. Maybe you have lots to share too! By all means please find the beauty and pass it on!

One of the things about leading people to Christ seems to be the relationship you form with others. Again I think friendship is the way to bring others to Christ. Many suggested books out there also state this and then give you ideas on how to go about starting conversations. It is great to follow such suggests to a degree but also to have it come from an authentic heart. No where in St. Paul’s letters does it imply that people are a project to win over. It has been disheartening in life when in the past I thought I was debating a friend with spiritual thoughts and actually, it turns out I was just their chartable service project to whom they wanted to change. As soon as I determined that their spiritual guidance was not the path for me, to my surprise the relationship ended. So my advice, value a person’s time and tell them the ending objective.

I am going to share my spiritual journey with you. Maybe not perfectly, maybe not in order, maybe you will disagree with me. Even so it is not my plan to abandon you. God willing, I have things to write. You can use whatever you want for God’s goodness. I want and pray for you to have a stronger relationship with the trinity, whatever comes from that is up to God’s providence.

A few years ago, we were all encouraged to get out there and evangelize. It seemed like a new thing to be Catholic and be expected to have to go out there and preach with words and our life about the goodness of the Lord.

When I first heard of the responsibility to evangelize, I recall thinking it was quite strange. I actually like being a Catholic where we are more known for leaving people alone when it comes to discussing religion. As a matter of a fact, I thought you would never see me doing any evangelization. Maybe, I am not doing a very good job but no one has told that to me directly. Anyhow, evangelization I thought was for the annoying people. That is for the gifted in arguing people. That is for the people that went to school for it. That is for the Priests to do. That particular task wasn’t what I was called to, I was sure of it and went on my merry way.

What changed from those thoughts to where I am now? I think it was the concept of trying to live every moment of my life for God not just a part of my life. Once I understood that there was not a part-time Catholic, I started living as an all-the-time Catholic and eventually that lead me to think I need to do something about sharing it.

So I am writing and it bearly seems according to my blog stats like anyone is listening. Which is fine. I have a lot to learn. I believe I am suppose to be doing this for some reason. I bring it to prayer and am just reassured to be authentic. To not worry about how many care to know that I care. Sometime ago this phase just came to me with strong conviction; Perhaps you are to help save one and that one is to help save many. That is who Jesus is, one that saved us all. We are called to be like Jesus, even if we are so far from being that. Maybe your the one that God is leading me to write for and your going to help save many!

Anyhow, the advice I heard over and over again about bringing people to the Lord is to lead with beauty. Beauty for the sacraments, Mass, miracles, Communion of Saints, Virtue, Works of Mercy…there are so many beautiful things about being a Catholic Christian. So find your beautiful thing in your spiritual walk and share it. One of my biggest stumbling blocks once I was more ready to just jump was believing that I may do something wrong. I have but I learn from it. Just jump and leave the possible failings to God’s grace.

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