Trust in the Lord

We all want something. We can be consumed by longing and thoughts of want. Maybe it is that new car, that new outfit, a special relationship, a family vacation, a vacation all by ourselves, or just simply a peaceful home. Can I get an Amen?

Why are you choosing to want something? Do you not know that even the birds have their home supplied to them? When you are able to examine a birds nest up close you can see that the supplies to make it were up to God’s providence. HE let the wind blow that red string you find in the nest. HE had the straw and sticks grow and fall to the ground.

If we have God we want for nothing that is separated from his will; But, but I have God and I still want. Dear friend, if you and I are NOT trusting in God to provide for what we truly need than we just proved that deep down to our core we may lack trust. We need nothing more than God himself. That is what I have come to learn when rock bottom hits. Not if rock bottom hits but when. May you be grateful for HAVING God and wanting nothing more.

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