You’re It

Remember playing tag? It was a fun past time on the playground, at camp, at family reunions, or maybe even in gym class. I think tag is especially fun if you know you’re good at running. I was not a fast runner but ran with endurance tiring my opponent out. In traditional tag there is […]

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Hopes And Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams for our life. Well, one day the dream came true for husband and wife. After being married they had purchased a run down, used trailer. “Think of it as the cutest, little, tiny house there is.” She told herself. They had parked it on land that was purchased for […]

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Once upon a time there was a stubborn teenager. Just imagine if you can. This teenager refused to go to church. Her parents had a rule. In our house we will serve the Lord. By serving that meant attending Sunday Service. It came to a testing as many teenagers do tend to push boundaries. She […]

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The Drop

There once was a little boy riding a school bus home. The boy was a well behaved lad; quiet, unassuming, good listener, and a people pleaser. His bus driver stopped to drop him off at his stop. At the stop, were not two dogs waiting to greet him with authentic love, affection, and unconditional love. […]

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Send me

A couple of years ago, I was going to start a blog. I wrote up a couple short stories. I spent time reviewing them. I dreamed up all kinds of different ideas on what I would write about. I made lists. I made plans. I even had grandiose dreams about improving myself and the world […]

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Bring Your Candle

It only takes a spark to get a fire going. One spark from a match can start a blazing fire. One light from another candle can light any darkness. I think life is a lot like that. We have a candle and we can choose to keep it all to ourselves or we can choose […]

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Born Again

I always thought it was spiritually inspiring to say you were born again. That is the lingo of when you decide that Jesus is your Lord and Savior. You may say a special prayer and bingo you are now claiming yourself to be a son or daughter of a God. Many Christian religions have it […]

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