Visiting other churches

I was baptized Catholic, attended Catholic grade school and received First Communion. My mother was Lutheran. She was actually the one very committed to doing my Catholic Sunday school homework with me. I grew up clearly understanding that I believed the Eucharist to be Jesus and she believed it to be a symbol of Jesus. […]

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High Expectations

I remember the one time that I went to Mount Rushmore. I had looked forward to it. I had seen so many pictures of it. I was excited about seeing it, experiencing it, learning about it even more. However, when we got there it didn’t live up to the hype that I had built up […]

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One of my first jobs was at a wood factory. Truth. There were many different departments and I had worked in almost all of them throughout my summers and school breaks with the company. My absolutely favorite job there was in the speciality department. They had this conveyer belt with a very bright light that […]

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Self Actualized Christian

I was talking with our family friend a while back. He was a another Christian Denomination Pastor now a practicing Catholic. He, his wife, and their wonderful children converted to Catholicism for many reasons. To simplify the big picture he stated the Catholic Church has precise answers found in the Catholic Catechism, spoke the truth, […]

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Humble Thy Self

Matthew Kelly (Matthew Kelly Dynamic Catholic) has this idea to attend Mass and write down the one message that stood out. It is a tool to help foster a stronger union and relationship with the trinity. So I suppose, it has been a couple years ago, since I tried to implement that idea. As I […]

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Give Love

To this somewhat picture-isk home they brought a baby girl into their life. They had wanted a child for so long. Years actually. They had their hearts open to God’s plan. Finally, God showed up with a baby girl. She was good. We are so grateful for the parents to be able to bring another […]

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Will I be a good mother?

Once upon a time there was a women who sat in her thinking place crying. In her hand she held a pregnancy test. What did the test say you question? Why was she crying? Well in this story she was pregnant but didn’t want to be. Why on earth would someone not want a baby? […]

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