Will I be a good mother?

Once upon a time there was a women who sat in her thinking place crying. In her hand she held a pregnancy test. What did the test say you question? Why was she crying? Well in this story she was pregnant but didn’t want to be.

Why on earth would someone not want a baby? Was she poor? Surely, there is a soul that could help her financially with that. Was she raped? No matter what, that is still another living soul inside her. Was she alone? We are never truly alone, God is always with us. Nope, none of those more obvious excuses plagued her. She just didn’t know if she could be a good Mother.

Every single day good intending Mother’s in their busy homes break their own hearts by thinking someone else could do a better job. The thing is God didn’t choose someone else. God choose that Mother to be that child’s Mother. The king of the universe choose you to be that child’s Mother (or Father).

The truth is maybe there is someone that could be more patient. Maybe there is someone who is more crafty. Maybe there is a Mom that can keep a calendar better, a house cleaner, become an athletic cheerleader, be a fantastic teacher and whatever else women compare themselves to. However, none of that matters to the child really. Not really.

What matters is that you love your child as best you can. God loves us and we try to reflect that. Mary was sinless, so of course she was able to do a fantastic job, but still that came with hardship and much sacrifice.

Yet as parents (and caretakers), here we all are an imperfect trying to raise a soul for God. I know with strong conviction even if you do not have the your full list of qualities and virtues, your child can turn out fine. I know with strong conviction, even if you’re not the best parent you’ve been assigned to be the best parent for that child. If it wasn’t so, God would have chosen someone else for that particular child. So no matter what a test determines, know that you are meant to be. Before you were born you were knitted into existence. God knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. God doesn’t make mistakes. (People do) Yet, he never abandons us if we are imperfect. Peace be with you as you imperfectly do the things entrusted to you. Peace be with you as you grow in virtue over the loving sacrifices made. Peace and JOY be with you in knowing that God choose you.

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