Give Love

To this somewhat picture-isk home they brought a baby girl into their life. They had wanted a child for so long. Years actually. They had their hearts open to God’s plan. Finally, God showed up with a baby girl. She was good. We are so grateful for the parents to be able to bring another life in the world. They are being fruitful. It is evident.

God answering your prayers how you envision is not always the case you know. Many of us know that one couple who wants a child. It is heartbreaking to hear their story. I pray often that they find God’s will in their circumstances. Cause that is the thing right? It is incredibly hard to trust in God’s plan when it doesn’t match our own. If God is almighty should’t he listen to what we want? Oh HE listens. Sometimes, actually often times prayer changes our own heart to be more conformed to God’s will.

It is difficult to conform our heart to the purity that he seemly wants for us. Why would it not be in God’s plan to give loving parents a child they want? One could even rationalize so many children are seemly not born to the parents that could love them like the couple you know. In child protection there are heartbreaking stories of ongoing abuse. In doctor offices there are heartbreaking stories of not being able to get pregnant.

I read a quote that sticks with me a portion of it read, “grief is just love with no place to go”. That is what I think heartache is. Love with no place to go. So figure out where God wants you to put your love and what that looks like. Cause God doesn’t give us this need to give love without providing a place to do it. May love be with you today.

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