Reading a Story

I like to read in a comfy chair. Pulling out my bible to read, I envision God saying, “My beloved daughter, I do not wish to squash your care, concern, and love. I know you have this shoulder wound from wrestling with evil but get yourself settled in so that any real pain or pressure […]

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One Sheep

A number of years ago, I had a job that I was suppose to go to. It was an overnight weekend position. However, on that particular day, I had this overwhelming urge to not go. I wasn’t feeling the best but I could have pushed through it. I never played hooky from work but there […]

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Split Second Patience

My son likes science fiction movies. He could carry on a lengthy conversation about Marvel, DCComics, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Percy Jackson…Anyhow, not a subject that interests me much but I do try to make an effort to intellectually connect with him about his interests. Therefore, I find myself watching a fair amount of sci-fi […]

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We all like getting a genuine compliment. It is kindness. It is connecting. It is meant to give to the other some verbal perceived good. Granted we do not get our worth from positive reinforcement that comes from God. Someone who wants others to clearly know a person’s worth may already have that so engrained […]

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Emotional Temperature

I once worked at a camp. At the camp their was a storm outside. It was a significant storm so we all had to go to the basement. The camp was for people that had some physical or mental impairment. So it was a big deal to get everyone safe down stairs. It was about […]

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Staying the Same

When parenting young children, I very much bought into the idea that children behave when they can and if they can’t then they do not know how. (Dr. Ross Green) As a parenting couch being a hat I wore at work, I would gently point it out to parents when they claim that their child […]

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Who are you united to? How do you become united to others? We are to be united to everyone. Love, as I have loved you. Jesus says. We are united by a way of ultimate love. We are the body of Christ. If you can find a glimpse of Christ in someone, it is easier […]

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Dear Angry Friend

At a point in my life, I was faced with being told I had to forgive what I believe many would see as unforgivable. Not because I wanted to forgive but because I understood the wisdom that it was the healthy thing to do. I wish I could say it was a walk in the […]

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