Who are you united to? How do you become united to others? We are to be united to everyone. Love, as I have loved you. Jesus says. We are united by a way of ultimate love. We are the body of Christ. If you can find a glimpse of Christ in someone, it is easier to love them. If nothing else you can love that part of them. I am assuming you and I already know and accept that each of us is created in the image and likeness of God. What is not to love about that? Surely, each person is a witness of God in some unique way.

Close your eyes. Actually, don’t listen to me on that. I am not always correct in my direction. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to read this with your eyes closed. I want you to imagine being united to someone in heaven. Like really imagine what that is like. You walk with them, you talk with them, you are there with them in paradise. As you both look around, what does this perfect place look like? Imagine what you both see, what you both feel, what you both hear, and how you touch the person you are with. Go as far to even taste the air you are both breathing. Now fantasize, instead of having a deep pure love for that person you only see your known flaws attached to them. How does that feel? Suddenly, likely if your like me, never fully satisfied in who I am, the two of you wouldn’t even be in heaven anymore. It is impossible.

That is what I do not get when I hear people claim, everyone goes to heaven. It is sad to only see a person in one dimension when there is so much more to appreciate about their soul. All souls. Each soul we meet will eventually be in heaven, awaiting and purifying their soul to be in heaven or in hell. Yes, hell is real despite our want to just look the other way at the happy, bright side of things.

In our world of social media you may not know the soul of others. Do we ever really know a person’s soul? If you do not know a person personally or you can’t reach out to them to get to know them it is potentially incredibly dangerous with your own heart to deeply unite with them. That is my point. Who are you choosing to unite yourself to on social media? We are to guard our hearts. Imagine being united to a soul any soul. How can you purify your unification to other souls? My bet is that is how God wants you to love one another as I have loved you.

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