One Sheep

A number of years ago, I had a job that I was suppose to go to. It was an overnight weekend position. However, on that particular day, I had this overwhelming urge to not go. I wasn’t feeling the best but I could have pushed through it. I never played hooky from work but there was an undeniable nudge that I was not suppose to go to work that night but stay home. I ignored it only to go out to my car and find my car was unable to start for some reason. I do not recall the specifics as to why. There really wasn’t anyone to rescue me to get it fixed or to offer other transportation plans that worked out for everyone. I called into work and it was perfectly fine they had some changes too so I wasn’t needed as previously planned. I stayed home as God planned.

That night a friend had called completely at her end of the rope. She was depressed, lacked hope, and wanted to commit suicide. We stayed on the line talking for hours. Mostly I just listened. Eventually, it came to my time to speak and I had very little to say. The reasons for her to be at rock bottom seemed true. Just listening to her made me cry with her.

Not knowing what to say I turned to God. Now I do not recommend you treat the Bible like your personal magic 8 ball but that is where I was. I prayed. Fully wanting God to show up and yet fully expecting to be disappointed. I opened the Bible. Then I read this unbelievable passage.

Matthew 18;12-13

After that my friend agreed to make it through the night and I called her in the morning. She soon got the professional help that was needed at that time.

I have come to learn that Jesus leaving 99 sheep in search for 1 sounds ridicules, illogical, silly, and unlikely until you are that one. Or maybe you see how your friend is that one. My friend has attributed to me being home to receive that call that night to being a miracle. I do not know about that. However, I do think God uses you wherever you are. Sometimes, I think I have to do this big grandiose thing but it is nights like this that remind me that I am right where I am suppose to be. You’re right where you’re suppose to be. What is God calling you to do for one sheep?

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