Reading a Story

I like to read in a comfy chair. Pulling out my bible to read, I envision God saying, “My beloved daughter, I do not wish to squash your care, concern, and love. I know you have this shoulder wound from wrestling with evil but get yourself settled in so that any real pain or pressure you may feel is no longer there and you can be open to the word.”

One of my biggest problems with reading the Bible is never being quite sure how to read a story. The story could be a parable, a history lesson, a foreshadowing, literal truth, a hyperbole, words Jesus said, a prophet or a lost soul, or all about the author. Who wrote the book of love?

It is easy to misunderstand a story when you first read it. Maybe they really were just explaining things as they were. It was just a story about babbling brooks, feather covered rivers, raindrops on windows. These are a few of my favorite things. Maybe they didn’t realize there is a difference between virtual reality and reality. Wisdom is much easier said than done. Just let any misunderstanding fall into God’s grace.

Reading we can have thoughts like; That sounds like a convicting story about how I am not living up to standards, I want. God wants. I bet they are trying to control me not carefully warn me of the risk they see. That particular thing ignites shame not a love for God in me. That sounds like a pat on the back for a noble job well done. We know who could really read that story and apply it to their life. Maybe the story is all about them. Gee, it sounds like they are fishing for the truth, aren’t we all my friend. Aren’t we all? Sometimes, a person is talking so much about themselves I can not even see an idea beyond their self-centeredness pointing to God. Cause it is up to me to note that.

Yeah, I am guilty of all those kinds of thoughts too. Many times I have tried to ask questions and only got a partial answer. Sometimes the answer comes in a twisted truth or omitted truth having you question what the truth really is. Others lack trust in what would be done with the truth. Yet, if that is the truth than why hide it? Yes, some things are secrets, confidential and it is obvious. If you see it in public isn’t that fair game for public scrutiny?

I have spent hours heart broken in prayer and in Adoration. As I am sure you have too while in turmoil. I have wrote letters asking for clarification with no word back. Confusion has even cost me valuable virtuous friendships. Gaslighting only adds to anger and hurt. It is like saying actually, you are not worth the truth. Some people are worth the truth. Maybe, I have just been to hurt to be at my best anymore. Cause somehow maybe my best is just being silent. Not asking questions in writing or out loud, just ask them in my head. At least that is what I think some, maybe most, have come to believe.

See I think our judgements about ourselves have more to do with where we are, compared to where the author is of the words or actions we hear and see. I think that is why when reading the Bible it is so easy to find something new each time we read it. God never changes but we are hopefully always changing to be more like Christ.

What is that saying? The beloved daughter knows it well. Sticks and stones may break my bones but God’s word will never harm me. So to the one on the bottom that is squashed, helpless, and unknotted. God breathed life into you. Your joy comes from the Lord. Love has no fear.

How many times have you read Noah’s ark and you missed the third monkey? No there is no third monkey? But what does that mean? I recently read this quote, “Fight like you’re the third monkey trying to get onto Noah’s ark”. My first thought was, “Yeah, fight to survive!” My second thought was God didn’t create a third monkey in the story. HIS word is always perfect. So maybe there is a misunderstanding with our limited human words but God’s word no matter the story is perfection.

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