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I think there are basic requirements for things. No shirt, no shoes, no service. Doctors have to have a doctor degree. Flight attendants have to meet size requirements. Military have to be tough enough to pass boot camp. Bus drivers need background cheeks.

In light of scandal, Priests should be able to complete basic requirements. In my opinion, basic requirements should be to be free of frequent mortal sin. That is obviously just my belief but I think if someone is seriously struggling with mortal sin themselves they perhaps should take serious consideration as to where they are leading people. Not that you spiritually directly follow a Priest or a leader, we do follow Jesus, it is just if they are going to be leading spiritually, I think they not only need to meet education requirements but spiritual requirements of some sort too. That or be reassigned to a place where they can carry out spiritual calling without frequent mortal sin.

That being wrote I understand that the very basic requirement for spiritual life is being called. However, being called, despite that God doesn’t owe us anything you would think it would logically than have the called to be blessed with special graces but as it turns out that isn’t the case either.

At least that is my thoughts which are not entirely biblical from a Christ standard. God gives unconditionally. He calls the weak. He uses weakness to build strength. He uses the most unlikely soul to build his kingdom.

That being wrote it takes into question who I am as a possible leader? Or you? We all have flaws, weaknesses, and a cross to carry. All are welcome in many christian circles. There are really only a few requirements to be considered a practicing Catholic and a level of sin is not one of the requirements. Sin just takes an honest confession and you can be back on the path.

Cause let’s face it sometimes we just want to do what is just enough. That line that says we have done our duty we showed up. No more is really expected of us or required. We claim Jesus is Lord.

There is carpal works of mercy for the elderly and frail. Maybe you show up in need of a wheelchair because standing before the Lord is difficult with weak knees. Maybe you need an adult bib to wipe the drool on both sides of your lips. No matter a person’s apparent weakness it can bring the strength of another out.

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