Hurt, Help, or Heal

Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year. Statistically, the odds of winning the lottery are about 1 in 175 million. The odds of being struck by lighting in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000. What I hear is, there is a chance that you could be that ONE. Enter through the narrow gate.

Sometime back, I was listening to an inspiring speech and the virtuous Holy man looked right at me and stated, “He has hurt a lot of families.” Assuming, it was meant for me to specifically hear and it wasn’t my husband being talked about, I thought I knew who he was talking about at the time. Yet, as my over analysis tends to go, I left no longer sure.

I mean which one of the 40 men, on my regular prayer list is the ONE that hurt a bunch of families? They all are in support of families as a Priest, husband, father or responsible friend. How exactly did they hurt families? Maybe I miss heard and it wasn’t the word hurt but help or maybe the word was heal. Now that I really think about it aren’t they all really just intertwined?

So my question for all of us is; In our life of legacy, on a daily basis are we hurting others, helping others, or healing others? Personally, I do not think there is one answer. Obviously, we all would like to be helping and healing but that is not always the case. More like a combination of all three when the big picture is viewed.

Well, what did Jesus do? He surely hurt the man who walked away after being told he had to give up all his possessions and follow Christ. I am not sure if we ever heard what happened to him. Jesus did help the lady caught in sin by not having others cast stones at her. She was also likely healed with his never ending love. Jesus did heal the women of her ongoing bleeding hemorrhage. Yet, she also recognized how very much she needed to be healed.

I think no matter if our words and actions just hurt, helped or healed that isn’t the complete and ending of the story. It is only just a page in a book. It is just one story among many stories. That is because the point of life is not to strictly do one of those things but to rise above it all and make it into heaven despite if we are hurt, healed, or helped. Despite if we go around hurting, healing, or helping others.

Maybe if I try to see how others actions are trying to heal or help, I will be less focused on how much I may actually hurt. I do not think the majority of people wake up and think, “Who can I hurt today?” Yet, if we are honest at the end of the day we may have some hurt and we may have hurt another. Give it all to God.

We seem to hurt those closest to us. We all want our relationships to be helpful and healing. To be full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Yet, are they? Each day that goes by that I miss the jackpot of giving those very things to my family is a day missed to living in Christian joy given to us on earth. We can not work on everything so for a while, I am just going to try to work on healing and helping and know that the Holy Spirit is there to help and heal both you and me.

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