Thanks Be To God

A while ago I had ran across this quote that stated to turn your “I’m sorry” into “Thank you.” The concept was instead of walking around apologizing for who you are, you would thank people for what they were giving you. It put an emphasis on being thankful for others instead of being sorrowful for yourself. It gave people something, instead of requesting something of them perhaps to make you (or myself) feel better in the moment. I absolutely love the concept so much that I use it all the time or at least when I think of it.

I often say “oh sorry” fairly flippantly. To the point that it really doesn’t mean the same thing as truly seeking forgiveness. If I need to seek forgiveness than yeah sorry is the right thing to say. Maybe sorry and thank you are both the right things to say. Sometimes, saying an “I’m sorry”, statement can have the response of belittling the person’s discomfort or digging for compliments. Normal use of “Oh sorry” Gets polite responses like, “that is ok”, “no big deal” or “no problem”. Which makes me actually feel pretty good about whatever slight I was stating sorry for. While the person I said sorry to actually has to give to me. Which is ok sometimes but I do not want to drain people.

So I have found, instead of saying, “I am sorry, I am late”, I say “Thanks for your patience” and I mean it. I am so very much grateful for the person’s patience that they gave me. Turns out, I am thankful every Sunday before Mass while getting into the vehicle. My husband likes to be early for things, especially Mass. Instead of saying, “I am sorry, I just left” // “Thanks for trusting me.” Instead of apologizing for being a burden in an area, “Thanks for your care!” and really take note of how the other person is being caring. “I am sorry I am such a klutz” Lightheartedly saying,” Thanks [insert spouses name] for breaking my fall”. “Sorry, I can’t talk about this.”// “Thanks for being a friend who wants to know.” “I am sorry I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t know what I was thinking.”//”Thanks for loving me past my imperfections.” It only works if your heart is grateful for what you did receive. I have not found a thank you to go wrong. Well, that one time when I thanked someone for something they didn’t give, but now they know what I would be thankful for. You can only say thank you if you pay attention to what the other is actually giving you. It focuses on someone else’s virtues instead of our own failures.

Speaking of receiving compliments about virtues. Everything good that we receive comes from God. There is nothing good that has been given to us that is absence from God. No matter it be the big things like our very life or it would be the small things like dinner on the table. Thanks be to God! Glory to God!

When talking with someone in our parish about a story, he would inject words, at the end, like, “Thanks be to God.” At first it caught me off guard. Like really? I guess, I never thought of it like that. I was just busy telling my story. Never really pondering how God was part of the story. Before that response, I never really thought of thanking God for that particular incident but he was right. I should have been thanking God. It seemed like the perfect response to many conversations. Which comes in handy as an introvert; being sometimes at a loss for words. One day he shared a portion of why he puts it into practice. It was just his very simple way of evangelizing. The thing is. It worked. It worked really well. He gave God his joy in all things and seen God’s joy in all things. Even seemingly my stories. He was being authentic in his joy. It had me realizing how I could be more joyful and thankful in a simple way.

Anyhow, Thanks be to God. Glory to God! HE has given us all so much to be thankful for.

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