For Me Or Against Me?

Have you been there? I have been there. For me, it is when I think people are against me. Maybe they are against me. Maybe they are for me. The thing is that statement is about me more than it is about them.

If God is for us, who can be against us? Realize too in that statement, if God is for our brothers and sisters in Christ, he is also not against them. That means as Catholic Christians we are all on the same side. There is a boat that we are all trying to ride out in the sea. We are in the same world hopefully getting to the same place. The more that we believe that the more altruistic we become. Put being altruistic against any selfish motive; One is for you, one is ultimately against you. Sometimes, when nothing seems to be going right in your life you think that everybody may be against you but that is not rooted in truth.

If God is for us who can be against us? Romans 8:31

The Bible tells us to believe that whoever is not against us is for us. (Mark 9:40) Just assume everyone is for you. Frame the problem by asking how could what they are doing be FOR me? Or at the very least from their perspective, they think they are being for you. It is easy to understand that someone is for you when they are for your vocation in life. When looking for it, it is easier to believe that someone is doing something for you. When you do that viewpoint task, it is less likely to get irrationally upset. I know when I am upset or have some negative feeling, I tend to make unhealthy decisions for me and for those around me. So if we catch ourselves in a cycle, stop and think well how could this situation I find myself in, be for me? Be for us living for God, Our Creater, too? Perhaps the cycle would stop. This time.

Some people really like taking holidays. On one end there is scary Halloween on the other end of the holiday scale is tacky Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you lived most of your life in one extreme holiday or another. The goal is to consistently figure out how to be celebrating the middle holidays. Like being thankful in Thanksgiving, believing God is with us, Emmanuel, during Christmas, and seeing a new beginning, promising to do better from now on, with New Year’s.

That is so much easier said than done. I am probably the queen of jumping to conclusions. Even the wrong conclusions of another person’s motives in their actions. So much so that I do it without realizing it, in literally a split second. Maybe I am alone in this but judging by the misunderstandings I experience I imagine to once again be in your boat too. I generally have solid reasons for my conclusions but sometimes I can be wrong. We all can be wrong. There is no shame in being wrong about something. It just means we are all learning. I think the more I try to put into practice to be doing things for others, it will become easier in believing someone is doing something for others too. Maybe even doing something for me or God centered.

Maybe you can give with complete virtue and no vice. I think it is a rarity. Even conversations with strong wives prove that giving takes commitment to family. Some people are fantastic at doing actual things for others. Being altruistic is ultimately for you, oh God. They bring dishes of food for the family in a struggle, they offer to watch your kids with no strings attached, they comfort without needed to be comforted in return, they give holiness in ways no one may ever know. We all have gifts to give. It is in finding our gifts and giving them away in love, for others, that lights our souls on fire for God. May God Bless all who struggle to see Christ’s light in others. Have mercy on us for not being who we always want to be. Someday we will knowingly be superior to the evil around us and proclaim in constant belief Emmanuel. HE is with us. HE is for us.

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