Daycare; A Day To Care

There was once this group of kids at daycare that were playing outside. They were pretending to be Steve Irwin and poke the busy momma bear. There was a perceived value to being a bear. At first it was fun for the group like they were all grown up and running around like teenagers. Yet, after sometime, it was only fun for some of those playing because the consequences got to be more than anyone had bargained for. Soon fights began to form. There was a constant light sprinkle outside that frosted the tips of the blades of grass. They continued to try to perfect the poke the bear game, switching bears, (oh so muy ineligente, Mi amiga es hermosa en Navidad) and switching strategies. It was all against one or for one. All bears ended by trying to just get a ticket for Noah’s ark.

To start and stay at the daycare the provider required everyone to be trained. The degree of training apparently greatly differed among the kids. However, being trained made it possible for the provider to take in new recruits, focus on enrichment programs, and lead others to be nourishing in the kingdom. With everyone trained or at the very least being willing to be trained further, there was no energy wasted on cleaning up unnecessary messes. The provider humbly got the well deserved honor. The effort went on to those that really needed it. After all, that was the point to provide for others.

There were three kids in the house. Two were trying to play chest together. One claimed to be the chest champion in their region. He had a number of boards going at once. The other played chest a completely different way but was trying to copy the plays by putting them into a linear equation. So one played with intuition and the other played with rules. Really though they both were learning the concept of analytic geometry, you know, the study of straight lines.

They were sitting at the table with this girl. She was currently contemplating if this one puzzle piece in her hand fit on the art work of the wall, the ceiling, maybe the window. She thought she had the pieces to the 3-D puzzle of the Sistine Chapel, but who really knew what she had. She didn’t have anything to really guide her in seeing the big picture. The one commissioned to help on most days was busy with direct care of something else. He was needed but not really there. The box only gave one direction and insight at a time, which was fine, I guess. Although, she had many pieces to try to fit together. She needed all the friendly help she could get.

The two playing chest starting talking about the rules. “Your turn is over once your one finger leaves the piece. Put your finger out like this so that they know it has been touched and let go. You can move to block this way. You can do any rule if you’re stuck in a position. Just wiggle your way out of the confined space. Before a big move have twinkle fingers. Move the pieces with ease by grazing across the board.” Any contact is perfectly fine, somehow. No grey matter here. “Oh, copy the latest move of your opponent and you may be a winner.” The puzzle girl seeing it all from a distance just rolled her eyes at their game. It all lead to no where new.

Soon outside it began to pour. Everyone from outside came into the house to play. They were restless, wiggly even. The grey shirt kids. You only get a white shirt in heaven. The provider than took out this huge bin of play dough. He announced, “Grab a partner, like in Noah’s ark, and I will give you some dough to mold”. Two were left without a partner. To them the provider said, “Be thankful you get to stare at the wall!” He than pointed to the crucifix on the wall. “It is a needed honor to show everyone the immense value of holiness.” They didn’t get play dough. They did however get a chance to help mold everyone, that is if they weren’t to busy playing their own game.

Somehow since they were all in the same house they got along and lived happily ever after. Well, accept for the crazy puzzle girl. She wanted every piece in it’s place, every detail just right. Apparently, there is value in missing the aim. She didn’t see it. Although, she is probably doing what she is suppose to be doing right now. She seen little to no value in aiming for grey shirts (although that is what she wore) when pure gleaming white is available. She wanted that kind of a leader. That kind of focus in a leader. It was never going to be alright until they were all in heaven.

To the girls now women, who do not realize that they had so much more value. Let’s fast forward to present day and you all can see their value more clearly.

To the beautiful woman, oh she has virtuous entertaining potential beyond belief! Who cares what her future Saint card will look like. No matter if she is all put together or just frantically goes from one task to another. She can light up a room without seemingly trying. She can be the type of mother that when you see her at her best she melts your heart. You know her motherly love is the kind you aspire to as a fellow mother. Somehow she missed the memo that Saints can be pervasively joyful and holy at the same time. Perhaps that is because she is called to be a unique saint.

To the women intelligent in many ways. She could set the world on fire with her everyday intelligence, joy, and sincere caring heart. Her smart outlook brings true joy to everyone around her. Pure, true joy can be witnessed within seconds of encountering her. She is able to see hilarious moments in everyday life.

To the leader with a caring, loving, counseling heart. The one that has multiple groups of circles to lead. She could heal anyone’s heart. She asks questions and waits to hear the answer every time, no matter who you are. She makes all feel important even if they may not see it in themselves. She is such a great listener and has such beautiful advice. She brings out the best in people just by loving them where they are. She makes leaders.

To the fun women with kind knowledge. She could plant so many actual seeds with her straight forward, no nonsense logic that will attribute to leading many on the path to holiness, if only they could see the truth as easily as she does. She is focused on Christ no matter the circumstances that surround her. She knows beyond a good day or a bad day that Christ is always there for her.

To the ones with a heart of giving service. She righteously fills people up so that they can better serve. She may want to be somewhere else but we all have to serve in the place we find ourselves. By being there for the people that they are called to have in their lives they change lives in every moment. In small ways. She care-ing-ly is able to help others see that they are worth the effort and time.

To that sweet, sweet friend who truly would think twice before hurting a bug. She has so much love for her family. Maybe right now it is not possible to figure out how to influence the world but let me tell you she is doing it everyday by raising future saints.

To the friends so very great at hospitality. They make everyone feel welcome. They may very well tire of doing so much without the thanks that they deserve but their reward will be great in heaven.

To the committed wife that is so very much hurt by the game. May she be ever confident in her love and sacrifice for her husband. May he one day realize the priceless gift that he had been given from God.

There are so many inspiring women who work for his kingdom. May they all see their value as this list of affirmations was based on what beautiful light I see in them. May you continue seeking and following after Jesus above all else because HIS way, HIS truth and HIS life actually leads somewhere. HE leads us all to heaven.

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