Answered Prayers

Many, many years ago before I met my charming husband, I had went on a blind date. I had been writing to this guy for some time. We decided to meet at the Mall of America. He choose the spot, which was a bench outside a department store. Well, I waited for him to show. He was late. Than I decided he must have forgot the meeting place or something. I eventually concluded the date wasn’t going to happen.

Instead of driving right back home, I had decided that was the perfect opportunity to just sit there and contemplate what the heck I was doing with my life. Like really think about maybe giving up dating altogether. Become a nun or go on a mission trip. Do some change that would have me being fulfilled more, since I couldn’t seem to find the one I was to be with. I reviewed what all I had done right and wrong in past relationships. To my surprise, as I was sitting there trying to get my life together and the date shows up.

He apologizes for being late and states that he is late because his best friend’s wife was in the hospital sick. Quite ill actually. I think at this point he was a good hour and 15 minutes late. He acted like it was no big deal being late and I didn’t have the heart to tell him how late he truly was. Thinking, I think he thought he was only 15 minutes late. Plus he had a good excuse, which I believed. Plus really what kind of loser would still be sitting on the bench an hour plus later. Aaaah, that would be me. Not the impression I wanted to make so water under the bridge. Fast forward the date went fine. Whatever. This isn’t the start of a 13 reasons story. He wanted to be friends and we were for a couple of months.

That evening, once I got back home an hour and half away, I did my normal bedtime routine. Showered, got pj’s on, brushed me teeth, climbed into bed and prayed. It was much like any other night. I spent time reflecting on the day and I prayed for my dates friend. Well from memory, It went something like this;

Dear Almighty God I pray for my date’s friend and his wife. You know the one that is our age and are facing a significant illness. I pray that you let the wife live. That you give her the strength to carry on and fight the disease. As she does this have her husband be there for her every step of the way. Have this bring them closer together and closer to you. Oh dear God if it is not your will to have her live reassure her with complete clarity that she is going to heaven. If there is anything in her life preventing her from doing so please give her time to right whatever wrong. Have her husband want to strive for heaven too. Bond them together in this journey. *edit* Oh, one day when all is ok have me meet them and tell them the story. Let me know it is them by an undeniable connection. Have the meeting be helpful to us all on our spiritual journey.

Beyond what I prayed and continued to pray, I thought I had prayed for a good afternoon sometime in the future. It was going to be like a tear jerker Hallmark movie, where there is so many coincidences it was unbelievable. That is how God was going to answer the prayer! Laugh, cause God rarely answers things fully how I invasion.

I didn’t fully know what I was praying but God answers according to HIS will. I pray that I more clearly understand why things are according to HIS will. Cause if I was in charge there would be so many things that would make sense with some other outcome. At least from my view at the moment and yet with strongest conviction I deeply respect HIS will. Choosing to be insignificant is significant. God does answer all prayers according to HIS will. Maybe not the way you or I imagine. Maybe he decides to answer by saying no but giving something better, I guess. It is assured, God works in some very mysterious ways. I can not think of many prayers in my life that have gone unanswered. I usually do not ask for such big things of HIM. Not because I believe that he will not answer but because HE will and I never feel worthy of HIS answers. No matter the prayer there is always a divine story. Here in this story the man’s wife died. May she fully Rest In Peace. He is remarried and a member of our parish. As a couple they help form me, my husband and my children spiritually. They only live just a couple miles away. It is a divine story. God showed up.

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