Christ at your Center

When I first heard people talking about Christ being the center of your life I didn’t get it. Actually, I thought they were wrong. So, I was sent on a quest to prove that indeed that was the case. See, I believe and still believe that Christ is above us. He is in heaven sitting at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. He is at the top of our priority list. He is ever so much greater then I will be.

However, I now also understand that we are to structure our belief system around Christ being the center. Every decision, action, thought being centered around Christ is quite honestly the highest way to live our daily lives as a Catholic Christian. It is not easy. Sometimes, when I am not as holy as I want to be, I wish he was more distant in the clouds above just looking down on me and the decisions I make. As if I am just an insignificant ant. However, there is a great intimacy when it is accepted that Jesus himself dwells in the center of our lives and within our own hearts.

I do not think that being a drunken passenger is healing. Perhaps funny and powerful, I imagine, perhaps in how much control or lack of control one is given is entertaining. I can’t believe Christ’s goal is to make a person air sick. HE is a captain but a proven poor one if it leads to the crew not being in unison with each other. Humiliating when the only thing being given is constant mercy to the wind. Public humiliation is not giving of God’s love. It is beyond my comprehension as to how that is Christ centered when it involves others seemingly not able to be. From the high lookout there seems to be a huge disservice to the captain. Yet, I am not sure I would want to know firsthand what smooth sailing would be like for a crew. I may sit that out. Perhaps sand bags should be dropped closest to the one who writes in the sand, that is if it is all about going up to the heavenly sky.

I have noticed that my faith grows when I question another’s spiritual truth. That moment when I say to myself, “I think your wrong”, “I don’t believe you”. Those are the moments that a seed is planted in faith. Much like a child learning something if you follow the questions, you learn.

Much on the same lines, someone had stated that they were a disciple of Christ. I thought well that can not be right they are not one of the twelve but it turns out the definition of being a disciple of Christ is letting HIM lead. When it comes to being a follower you want to show people how you do it. This seems like such a basic step 101 in Christianity and yet it really was not long ago that I started that kind of relationship all the time. Before, sometimes I would have that relationship with Christ when things were bad. Now however as more time goes on I see that I go to Christ no matter the circumstances. That is how you build any relationship and how you build a relationship with Jesus. Maybe you already know this and I am typing to the followers. If that is the case, I think you should know that perhaps that may be the one thing you need to inform others of that you already do. Who knows that could be the key to having them believe in a personal relationship with Christ.

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