Worth So Much More

There once was this girl, we will call her Penny. Penelope was her full real name. Yet, everyone called her Penny. She loved the name because every time someone would say it she knew she was worth so much more.

Ever notice? People do not necessarily treat Pennies how they should. Some use and abuse them. Some like collecting pennies. The more rare, the more value. The harder to find the more fun it is in finding. Some exchange them for more and overspend it. Some ignore that they are even in existence. Some just reject it to be worth anything. Still others let them fall to the ground without bothering to pick them up. Yet, some people come along and pick up the Penny and think they are lucky.

Well one night, Penny was so exhausted, bruised, completely wore out from slaving activities that she just laid there on the ground, unable to get up. Her hands, shoulders and knees hurt but not as much as her heart. There was a smell in the air. She wanted to leave the situation she found herself in. Yet, she was completely stuck in her situation, unable to have the strength to physically move away from it. The master had now left and allowed much, much larger rocks to surround her. The rocks seemed to be like all the big boulders in life. All the things that could go wrong in her life. All weighing her down even more. She was in a building of some sort, a shack with the ground as a floor. Boards were nailed across the door. It was complete darkness. The moonlight could not even be seen. It was freezing cold. She was tired, prayed to OUR FATHER and drifted off to sleep.

At the first crack of daylight, the slave master un-nailed the make-shift shack door and ordered her to come out at once. Penny refreshed from the nights sleep came out. It was a foggy morning with frozen grass all around them. She stood there barefoot with only a small tank top and shorts on her small body frame. She was shivering from the chill. Her skin itched uncontrollably from bug bites. She was not going to let the slave master see her misery. She was going to pretend everything is perfectly fine.

The slave master told her she was the chosen one. Like Danial she too survived the lion’s den. She was irritated at the insane lie. She knew that there were only rocks in the shack and her name was Penny. Yet, compelled to have the weird conversation end she repeated that she was who he said she was. It was than she got to go into the house and become clean.

Penny remained stubborn for quite sometime. She was not going to let what he said define who she was. Who cares if she was told by him that she was a prophet, special, and going to be a great saint. This vineyard slave master lied so many times. He twisted the truth. She seen him as the devil or at the very least a man possessed by evil in his ownership. He pretended to be like Jesus, a carpenter. Yet, what he built was questionable. Never trusting his words, she didn’t know who she really was. Penny hated the choices that he took away from her. She did not understand what made her a slave and what made others free. She just simply wanted to be loved as she was. She wanted to be told that she had value beyond being a slave. She didn’t know it at the time. She could only see the direct line in front of her, it was her only call for help. She wanted to be shown her value beyond her slave duties. She was told all the time that she was loved. Yet, never truly believing she was. There was so much evidence to the contrary. She didn’t understand why that was so hard for everyone, to love her.

Do not overly concern yourself with the fictional character, Penny. It is wrote and shared for “the one” who doesn’t realize where they are at. We are all lost in some way. We have so much more value even if we don’t know it. We are judged on how we love those who least love us. Notice how the story impacts your own heart to live for the only one true, Lord. Know that we live to sleep in heavenly peace. Thanks be to God that we are loved by OUR FATHER. We are no longer called slaves but friends. He is our teacher. No matter what rocks surround us in life, he is there to lift them off. He is our direct line even if we do not see it. No matter what unbearable cross we have at the moment we do not need to pretend it is not there. No matter what confusing words we are told by questionable sources, we know to only listen to one true voice, the voice of God. HIS word will be there to guide us. HE will be with us. He is after-all OUR FATHER.

Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

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