Intense Emotional Joy

There was this nun that had just taken her final vows. She was super excited to be connected to Jesus. She had this undeniable emotional bond with our Lord and Savior.

This was her first day. She woke up at the crack of dawn. She jumped out of bed for being filled with pure joy. She went for a walk in the morning light. I say walk but it was more like a run and skip. She had a unique step. She was filled with the Holy Spirit. All seemed to just radiate out of her soul. She was walking on air. Her body felt as light as a feather. No words could adequately describe the love she had in her heart for Jesus. She wanted everyone to have the same love in their heart.

After her walk she had breakfast with the other sisters. They all regarded Mary Clair as well, extra gifted, with a bit of a snear in their smile, as they thought of her presence. See, Sister Mary Clair was so overjoyed it actually could come across as a bit obnoxious and prideful. She would unintentionally be condescending to those who were less than overly joy filled, which was everyone. Don’t get me wrong, they all wanted her to have joy. They all willed her greater good. It’s just that…

She entered the kitchen with a leap that much reminded you of a wee little green man. She knocked over a vase but no worries, she skipped to the sink to refill the vase with water. She mopped the floor with a little boggy dance, country line dance and ended with Jazz hands. Yeah, that is who this sister is.

She placed the vase of flowers on the table. “Aren’t they just absolutely, positively, extraordinary, beautiful flowers? I absolutely love the purple ones. They remind me of the passion of our Lord” With a bounce in her question she asks, “What is for breakfast?”

The sisters stated it is oatmeal. “Awesome! She said with a contagious joyful smile. I was reading a recipe the other day that said you could add carrots, cinnamon, and sugar and it is like carrot cake.” Sister Mary Clair got out the carrots and started chopping away at the carrot into slivers. Mary Clair started tapping her foot and singing, “Blest be the Lord, blest be the Lord, the God of mercy, the God that…”

The oatmeal was made and the sisters brought it into the dining hall. They sat down, prayed the sign of the cross and blessing. Then they were silent. The sisters would eat in silence appreciating the nourishment that had been bestowed on them. After they ate, they would have an hour of Adoration and than Mass.

The start of eating breakfast was the least favorite thing of Mary Clair’s to do. She didn’t feel like herself. She wanted to do whatever she wanted to do. She knew that she was regarded as overly emotional but she was going to teach them all to embrace their God given emotions and teach them all how to be like her. She was going to change the world one loving emotion at a time. Who cares if some of the sisters just wanted to be left alone. She needed to include them in this experience of Jesus. It was her calling. Her duty. It was her mission to win every single person on earth to be emotionally tied to Jesus the way that she was. To start out with she was going to have each of them engage in greeting with fist bumps. It brought so much joy. They would all love the holiness it brings about.

They moved to Adoration. Mary Clair kept on trying to focus on being there with Jesus but her mind would wonder off into mash mob sister dance. Something is wrong with her. Focus. Soon she was changing the world with a gigantic, enormous group hug. It was going to be the whole world connected at 3:00 pm in a hug! Focus. Wouldn’t it be amazing if their was a national skip day. Like every movement you make was a skip. Oh how fantastically lovely!!! Focus. She was going to start a mint farm. Here is a mint plant for you, and for you…40 miniature mint trees!!! Focus…

Fast forward a couple of years and although everyone got the concept of being emotionally connected to our Lord, she finally realized everyone didn’t have to participate in her joy. They could decide to do their own thing for the Lord, opt out of being included. Live in a more relaxed emotion free zone to get the rest in the Lord that they wanted.

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