Freeze Time

I have gotten in this habit that when I watch shows, videos, and whatever entertainment that is out there I will often look up numbers that I see. As if those numbers represent something significant. So pick a number between 1 and 2,865 and there is an awe inspiring quote that can be contemplated. It is amazing as to what is actually being communicated in a split second. What is even more amazing is that it can go unnoticed. It can go unrecognized unless you somehow freeze the screen and take note. It is just a simple, inspiring way to bring to mind that everything we do can be for God in some way. Figure out the code I am writing about and suddenly you may also want to freeze time or be outside of time just so you can contemplate that wonder. Time is such an odd concept but a necessary one in our lives.

How could someone you hadn’t thought of in 20 years be suddenly back in your life? At least in frequent prayer. How one moment in time seemed to make all the difference. That moment when a person decided to make the right decision (or wrong decision) and your life direction was changed. There was no way to freeze time but what if you had made a different choice? What if in that moment when being asked to marry someone, you did not apply all that you learned from YouTube Videos. Wait did a simple video really change the course of a life?

There once was this YouTube video that I watched 20 years ago that changed my perspective in the moment. I had watched a video on chastity. I know, what an interesting subject to watch. Anyhow, this guy had said, you are dating someone else’s spouse. Freeze time, they actually may not be yours tell death do you part. Now what decision are you going to make? What is your automatic gesture? So with that simple perspective of realizing that in the moment they may be with me but I am to care for them as if they belong to another person, well that changes how I treat them. Even if I do not have time to freeze time making a quick decision is necessary.

There was this tv show where this young teenager girl had the ability to freeze time. At the time, I too was a young teenage girl. It was a fascinating idea that time could freeze. It was likely a one season hit wonder show and I am sorry but I can’t recall the title. I got to watch it on Saturday evening before the rest of my family would come in from doing outside chores. I even think part of the show was she was able to talk to her Dad on another planet through a magical crystal cube that opened. For whatever reason I often think when things become overwhelming that I would like to freeze time. Like I would be the only one awake trying to solve all these problems. Yep, I would just freeze time to think. That is all I would want to do freeze my family and the rest of the world as I just thought and maybe got in some much needed rest. This would be ideal so that while I was trying to solve a problem there was not another problem that could be added to the mix. I would put my hands together in the sign language gesture of more and suddenly I would have received more time, frozen time.

I have a friend that frequently prays and has taught me to pray the simple prayer. “Lord, multiply my time”. At first, I thought it to be quite an unanswerable prayer because well we can’t freeze time. We are not in control of getting more time to do all the things that we want. Yet, when I pray it I have often noticed that it will reorder my time. Suddenly, everything that I am doing is more in the presence of God’s gift of time to me. We are only here for so much time. We are to be intentional about the use of our time. We can accomplish the tasks by choosing the more important tasks to do. It has actually been to the point that I finish what had overwhelmed me in the first place and even had spare time to be with my family. I am not exactly sure how God does it but this is the closest way I have been able to “freeze time”.

A time to freeze time can also be during the last shot at a basketball game. That moment in sports when the ball is in the air and anything can happen in a split second. So many would do anything to freeze time for one more moment with a loved one. What would you actually do if you had more time?

Actually, if I was to freeze time, spending it on learning about quantum physics may be fun, (or not) or about space travel, black holes, or even God himself. Just to lay back on a tar pavement in the middle of the night with a bunch of friends asking the really hard questions in life. Like why are we even here? How can we be significant when there are billions and billions of stars in the sky? Does God really have a plan? How do we know if God actually exists? Yeah, I would like to freeze time and for some reason God has not given us that ability.

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