Jesus is who he says he is. If you have ever seriously took time to dive into the Bible and learned of the many amazing coincidences that puts the whole story together it is an undeniable truth. That Jesus is who he says he is. (But who do you say that he is?) Any other interpretation would seem to be the uneducated answer.

It is great to know to put absolute trust in written word. That the words wrote down are from the source they claim to be. Imagine if the wrong author was attached to words. Like you fell for someone’s word only to discover it was not their word. Someone else had wrote it. Someone else had spoke it. It wasn’t even the story according to whomever. It was just some fairy tale. Maybe intentions of a fable could be entertaining but it would not lead to fruitful goodness. Imagine that was once the truth you once knew but now today you know with certainty who the author was and is. That changes the entire story.

Likewise, with perhaps more wiggle room, recently we had a presentation on the Burial clothes of presumedly Jesus. That story too seemed to be pieced together so eloquently that any other interpretation makes little to no sense. The statistics of probability seem to only be put together by divine providence.

Personally, I think we are all to have stories like that. Where it is all woven together as a masterpiece that only God can tie together in significance. I have been reflecting a fair amount on that lately. Like there is a divine providence story in my own life. No matter if you play the role of caretaker, hero, lost, scapegoat, clown or manipulator know that God has a plan for you in the family. You are significant.

Can you imagine if one day you have a chance meeting and met someone say, at lunch, through email, at a reunion, or behind a desk? That chance meeting of the person you were at that moment is the exact same unchanged person 20 years later? If we did not grow spiritually in all those years are we wasting our time? Take a snap shot of yourself now are you going to be the same person spiritually years from now? If not what is going to be different in your spiritual journey? Feel free to take sometime to pray for your future self and the significant people in your life.

Knowing what I know now, I am blown away by a part of my story that seems to be a statistic impossibility. How could some chance meeting be the same people who are in my life now? That is a statistic impossibility but it is not short of divine intervention. It is part of the story for some reason.

We all want to be significant in someone’s story. We want to know that we made an impact. That our presence in their life has changed the course of the future. That somehow in a big or small way that without us in their story, the story would be different. We want to know with certainty and clarity that we are the one’s that stitched someone’s heart back together. That we mended something that is going to be in heaven a glory story for all eternity. We want that and crave that kind of existence. God is the only one that can give that kind of story.

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