Purple Hair

God loves everybody even people with purple hair. This was something that was said to me often as a child. Most often when as a child I found myself mesmerized by someone’s appearance or when I would make a remark that was less than gracious. Those words of wisdom stick with me often as I hear the echo of it when as an adult, I find myself in similar situations. In those moments, when I look at someone and hear the snap judgement about how they look on the outside. I catch myself and say that “God loves everybody even people with purple hair.”

Like many women, I am sure I could go on and on in my head about all the things wrong with my appearance. The many things I am working on. Who doesn’t want to learn how to look younger, have good hair days, lose weight, and become healthier? We all have things to improve on, on the outside. And yet, we are created in the image of God. Does it really matter how attractive we are on a saint card? Cause at that point it isn’t about that. Sure we need to be the best stewarts of the bodies given to us. Some of us need to be working on that more than others. Myself very much included in that category.

The truth is we very easily pass judgement on things we do not understand in others. We are curious and want to hear the whole story. Every, single, juicy detail. Even if it is awkward. There is a reason why someone is the way they are. The reason they make the choices they make. It seems like they may even need therapy…wait was that story actually about THEM? Present day? Maybe I misunderstood. They need to write clearer so I know the absolute truth about their soul!

That is the absolute beauty in being unclear. Of talking in parables. What is it that you know beyond a shadow of doubt? Our God is an Awesome God!!! Because, maybe they were actually writing about one of their friends struggles as if they are their own. Maybe they were helping a family member. Maybe they were tapping into thoughts they had many years ago to better understand another’s shoes. Maybe they already got the help needed and they had a very specific healing purpose for their actions. Maybe they were lifting a person up instead of tearing them down. Maybe only truth can correct lies. Maybe it is a test as to who really is doing things for the Glory of God. Maybe they really are following the Holy Spirit. Maybe you are participating in a real rages to riches story. “I knew her when she only had two pennies.”

The thing is we really can’t look at someone, see their purple hair and think we know all about them. You can’t go on a mission of people watching and think you got it all figured out. Sure behavior patterns teach a lot and yet are only proven accurate when the person themselves tells you that yes indeed this thing is their current truth. Sharing someone’s known truth without their permission, well, that is likely crossing a boundary. That is another reason why being addicted to gossip is so dangerous. So many, so, so, Soooo many times people misunderstand. I just let them misunderstand. That is about their journey not mine. Who cares what they think when God knows the truth? We are to guard our hearts. Taking that bible verse seriously is the difference between being broken hearted and praising God. Sure we are to be vulnerable and give God’s love. Yet, we do so for the purpose of following God on mission.

While praying over this writing, I perceived that I was directed to turn to page 67 of St. Faustine’s Diary.

page 66-67 St. Faustine’s Diary: I tremble to think that I have to give an account of my tongue. There is life, but there is also death in the tongue. Sometimes we kill with our tongue: we commit real murders. And still to regard that as a small thing? I truly do not understand such consciences. I have known someone that a certain thing was being said about her, fell seriously ill. She lost a good deal of blood and shed many tears, and the outcome was very sad. It was not the sward that did all this, but the tongue. O my silent Jesus, have mercy on us!

No matter our issue with someone’s outside appearance let’s keep in mind to love others while guarding our hearts. Love everyone. Even people with purple hair. Love your enemies. Love as if God himself loves you. Be so filled with knowing that God loves you that others negative assessments are not what drives you to sin but drives you to the Lord.

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