The Unspoken Prerequisites

In high school we had a civics or maybe it was a politics class. Not my favorite subject to be taught in monotone, even if I did recognize his superior intellect. Yet, one day the teacher who seemingly spoke to hear himself talk, spoke about the unspoken prerequisites of becoming the next president of the United States. Now, I didn’t want to become the president and I had no person in mind to nominate. Yet, the very idea that there was an understood demographic to becoming the next president was intriguing.

So what did you have to be? Well, rich so you could fund the campaign and know others that were rich also to ask for funding. You had to be male. You had to be white. You had to be married. You had to have a skill like being a good speaker. You had to have influence. In this day and age, you had to come from IV league education. You had to be healthy. An every day morning dip in the Potomac River, perhaps. Your head could even be venerated on a mountain someday!

So why mention the unspoken prerequisites. Our generation has even proven you do not have to be white. I suspect there will be other glass ceilings challenged in the future. Well, because I have this unspoken prerequisites list running in my head and I suppose you may too. Not for president but for sainthood. Since I do not know what is on your list I will share what is on my list.

You have to be pious. Part of being pious is having a calm temperament. So sorry occasional choleric’s better luck next time. Oh, there is no next time. Yeah, I need to un-raise my hand. Let go apparently, insert my eye roll. Is temperament based on control? I guess being short tempered at times is something your going to have to surely overcome. Do not let your life be ran by emotions but by Jesus. At least learn the self control needed to love one another at all times. You have to be healthy. Unless your gift surpasses healthy because you can be overweight like St. Thomas Aquinas or underweight like St. Catherine of Siena. Yet, I know to be a saint I need to be healthier. At least make healthier decisions 40 days out of the year.

If and when your life is being reviewed for sainthood your diaries are comfonsoated. As absolutely great as St. Faustina’s diaries are, I know mine are much better as ash dust. No that sounds to holy. Let’s just say it shouldn’t even be printed on toilet paper. I have joked and still think upon my death (or now that I am writing it, maybe upon my life) I should have a burning party of my diaries. Yeah, not really a joke more like a humble self knowledge of firmly believing, “Well, I can kiss the idea of being a saint goodbye.” Even a saint not even proclaimed by the church, cause you know, I could be better. Maybe, my writing could be more appropriately used to illustrate, what not to do. Yeah, who am I really fooling besides myself, there is no way. No hope. No reason to even try. Hopeless. Yep, stealing another’s idea on being disqualified. If it was all up to me.

Also on my unspoken prerequisite list is being an avid reader. I like reading, I can read, but I lack concentration most of the time. I am more of a consumer of random ideas of the people who actually read. Spiritual books seem to fall into two categories for me. A book to poltergeist myself into daydreaming or a book so good that each sentence and paragraph is worth deep contemplation. So I read a page here and there, audiobook, YouTube, and hope I pick up on some idea. Actually, now that I am bringing it to writing it is fairly clear I should be reading and journaling not Netflixing but change is difficult. I’ll just switch to Amazon Prime. Thanks be to God, I already concluded it is a hopeless cause to try to be holier. I am doing myself a favor by letting myself understand it is a hopeless cause to try to be a saint. It is all grace anyhow, right?

So what is on your unspoken prerequisite list of becoming a saint and how are you accepting of it or improving it?

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