Sometimes hearing the phrase “You have been chosen”. “You are called” It sounds more like an alien adventure. Beam me up. Where is the spaceship parked? I am requesting an Easy Spell and Reece’s Pieces. Now let’s get started.

Actually, is this where I want to be or did I just fall into it? They say that our calling comes from our deepest hurts and pains. Well, I guess I am in the right place than. I just thought it would look different. Be more glamorous somehow. Is this really what I want to go down in history for? Being so pained in this one area that I can’t stop thinking, writing…about all the ways that this could be improved upon, if only…

Heck no! Let’s write about the good, positive, easy to accept joy. Just like you, I want a better story. One filled with making others feel so good about themselves that they come back for more. I want to be that person but to my dismay, I really do think God has me where I am suppose to be. I keep on asking in prayer and I keep on hearing write the truth and your truth. I am not sure if it is helping others or just me. In order to change the world you just have to worry about how to change yourself. Right or right? So for the time being I am where I am suppose to be. I thought I would at least look smarter on the journey. More studious perhaps. Be more put together. Hear echos of things and it be filled with how I am doing it right.

That is a thing though isn’t it? If following God doesn’t look how we thought it should we just want to give up. We hear about how God is the light and we want to figure out how to bring light into the darkness. How could I help a little girl sleeping in a dark locked car? Tell her next time to remember the keys too or are we asked to do more? We can’t change the past. We can’t fight ourselves over should of, could of, and would of. We can only help those in the present and in turn help those in the future. If only that person that hurt others knew the correct order of things, the world would be a better place. One starfish would be thrown back into the ocean. More little girls would be safe. If only the person, who hurt the hurt person, would have had a different story too. If only we could do something about it today. We should be doing that.

How can I help the little girl who no one believed? Tell them about what Lucy in Narnia found in the closet and all about her obstacles. There is not another solution to the problem. This is what is to be done. Perhaps the vision is not crystal clear yet with a printed, framed mission statement. Praise be to God for those who have been given that from above. Yet, to know that the motive is in my core. In my soul that God has given me. That is enough for us to continue on this called path for now.

Imagine if you will a girl about 13/14 years old compelled to go to Adoration at early sunrise. So she did. She got up and walked the three miles to church. To her surprise the doors were unlocked. She went in and prayed. She perceived to be told to pray one prayer. That she would be the patron saint of addictions. She didn’t desire fame or anything known impure in it. She just went to God with that one prayer. No plan on how that was to be accomplished. No real comprehension of the massive magnitude of the prayer. No one else seemed to have visited the church the entire day. Near sunset she set off to walk back home. About a mile from home she was found walking in the ditch. Everyone had thought that she tried to run away. She perceived that the Holy Spirit had told her to not correct their thoughts. She remained silent about the prayerful day.

Trusting in the Lord with all my heart and with all my strength is what we are called to do. The rest is up to HIM. Whatever that seems to mean I am not really sure. So, I will try to do a better job of surrendering even though that is the scariest part of being called. HE has called us each by name. Maybe we don’t have to figure out what we are exactly called to, just that we are called to be followers of Christ and we do our best in that. One moment at a time.

2 thoughts on “Chosen

  1. Such a beautiful read, I really enjoyed it, it has my mind developed all these new perspectives, thank you, really. – Cezane


    1. What is really so cool is that I already know for a fact that someone as a Catholic Christian is advocating for the non addiction, based on their connection to God, a smidge on what I have typed and knowing me. I am nobody special, just one of God’s children doing what I have been chosen to do. Than God shows up! It is not a coincidence but divine. There is no doubt in my mind and soul. God Bless! Humanity is so very much connected! I am looking forward to reading your further insight on your blog too!


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