Embraced By The Light

When I was in college, so many, many, many years ago I had picked up a popular book. It was a short, simple, book that spoke about God’s love in heaven. It likely has some theological [Catholic] flaws in it but that is where I was at. That is where I still find myself at times, having flaws in my spiritual understanding. I remember reading it and I ugly cried throughout the entire book. I was so broken. Something had happened that was difficult to recover from, even with knowledge of God’s mercy. By the end of the book however I was filled with hope. I have no idea if the book would have any kind of effect on me today but at the time that was the tool that God used to get to me. To help me understand his deep, abiding, unending love for me.

There are so many times that I think there is not a way out of this mess, even though I know that God always provides a way out or a way to endure. So I think, you know what? Regardless, of what happens, I know, I believe God will show up. All humans fail but God does not. Right now, I waiver in thinking, I am not going to be convinced of that truth this time. (LOL) Yet, the other part of me knows that when I understand it more fully, I will be overwhelmingly embraced in God’s love.

Let’s go back to Penny, cause I like Penny and who doesn’t want more? You know how people say that phrase of God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Sometimes that phrase really rubs me the wrong way. I think, really? Cause…do you know what I have lived through? On the other hand Penny knew this well that God gives a way out or a way to endure.

Sometimes Penny would go in for “surgery” and it was painful so she would lie in bed while above her, she watched. Her shell of a body was lying down and her soul and spirit were right there also but not really in her. Like she was a ghost. Both had an identical form but one was physical the other spiritual. They call it dissociation. I mention it for clarity. She could hear everything. See everything. It was like watching a movie (a horror movie) from above or being in surgery and hearing and seeing everything in the operating room. She had seen many movies. She understood that it was God’s way that he made her, to be able to separate from the horror. He was the maker of her body. So that she could endure what was happening to her. Maybe that would not be your explanation but that was hers in her child’s mind.

Well there are two times that were different. See this one time Penny was outside and she laid there waiting for the birds. You know like the time in the lawn with her good friend Hiede. She also very, very much wanted to be in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies with her Mom.

For whatever, God given reason, she was suddenly in the house making cookies. She was also outside laying on the ground in the evergreens. She was with people that could confirm the tale yet it is doubtful that they will. Anyhow, Penny and her Mom baked a number of pans of warm, fresh, cookies in the house. Soon into the house came a confirming person. Upon seeing Penny, across their face swiped the fear of God. They knew it was impossible to be in two places at once, to bi-locate. He knew because he just left the little girl laying in the woods. There is no way she could have recovered and ran into the house that quickly. That is an impossibility. A fairy tale. Blarney. To be fully in a place mind, body, soul in two locations is a crazy story. Yet, the ones who would benefit from it least or most knew the truth of it all. They knew the fear of God.

The other time Penny was traveling. She was going to visit the ocean for the very first time. Somehow her swim suit was forgotten and she was given a different suit to put on. It happened to be a cute bikini with printed banana leaves on it. Her 8 year old body didn’t quite fill it out.

Arriving at the location, she suddenly “fell ill” and laid on the sandy ground behind some tall weeds. Another person was with her. She very much would rather have had made it to the ocean but it wasn’t her choice. Maybe it was her own will and desire but really have you ever tried to be two places at once? It is a mere impossibility on our own. We need God. Besides she was pinned down. She laid there waited for the birds to be above her. Crazy I know, just stay with me. Than suddenly she was given the grace to be at the ocean shore. She doesn’t know how it happened. She held out her hand and it was real. She stood there watching one bird come and the many birds suddenly came and circled her from above. She tasted the ocean water and dipped her toes in. She picked up shells. She marveled at the many birds that were circling her head as she played at the ocean shore. She tuned around and looked at the location far off in the distance where she was also laying down and seen a circle of birds above her body location.

Penny was so overjoyed. She ran along the shoreline to her Mother hugging her with both arms. Birds followed her. She knew she was real. There was no doubt that Penny was real in both locations. She enjoyed her time at the beach. Sometime later the man that had been with Penny had approached them and again the fear of the Lord crossed his face. He knew she didn’t run ahead and was in two locations at once. He and the little girl were the only two who knew.

Penny knows God will show up. Just wait. He will change everything. Somehow, he has given the right tools. He will install the fear of God where it needs to be. It is in God’s perfect timing. HIS divine providence. Truth has to be present or it will not work. This is because Jesus is The Way, The TRUTH and the life. It will be for HIS glory. It will help all to be embraced by HIS light. Maybe you conclude this was a just a silly little daydream. That is your right we all have to determine that the person we are listening to is a lunatic or speaking the truth. I am going with truth but I believe there is power in words. God’s word. Our word. Others words. May the word of God be with you, in you, and live through you.

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