The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.

Augustine of Hippo

If you have to lie to protect your job are you doing your job?

Generally speaking, men lie to protect themselves, while women lie to protect others. The reason for lying is always telling. If I am asked a question but the answer will mean that I am compromising on a promise, than it seems more noble to tell the lie. At least that is what a Netflix documentary on lying told me about their studies.

You only ask a question you want to hear the answer to. At least that is why I ask a question. So did Ironman save Ant-man? Nope, there is only one SAVIOR. That is why people say there is no stupid question cause if you really do not know how could wanting to learn more be a stupid move? So what is the source of All goodness? Unfortunately, when I found myself unable to trust anyone, I stopped asking questions. What would be the point? You only trust an answer if a person has not lied to you in the past. So, I now trust no one, just God and even in that I worry that I miss lead myself.

I keep on trying to trust others but it is extremely difficult. Also often times people will lie if they do not have all the facts, that can be unintentional but still true. If a person has lied before to you, you must know the reason why they lied. If you know the reason for a lie you have the option of being understanding and merciful.

Many times people try to pass off that they live or care but their lies state something very clearly, otherwise. Well one, God is not always their center. Unfortunately, God is not always my center either. It comes as a surprise, I may find myself asking myself why? If Christ was always the center than lying would not be an option. Did Christ lie?

People lie all the time. Here are reasons I have discovered lies; you lied to protect your job, you lied to protect an institution, you lie to defend your honor, you lied to protect your family, you lied to stay out of trouble, you lied cause it was easy, you lie cause the truth is more complicated than you choose to explain and you lied to protect your spouse. All decent reasons for a lie. Yet, none of them should be above following God. However, once a lie is told it is hard to try to convince me (or anyone else for that matter) that God is the most important. Actually, what is most important is what you are willing to sin for. Not someone’s perceived sin but your actual sin. If something could somehow come against what you value most, be very much assured, that lying will have you lose your relationship with others and with God. Thanks be to God, that confession exists so that you and I can seek forgiveness in the spiritual realm within the Catholic Church.

A while ago, I had said a small, little white lie. It was over something so insignificant. The truth, although simple made me look less like I had my act together and more like I was scatter brained. I told myself, the truth really didn’t matter in this instance. I didn’t want to take the time to explain to the stranger the truth. Which was apparently a good enough reason to not tell the whole truth. The thing is my son over heard it and called me on it. I than had to correct the lie and look and feel like an even bigger fool. They just laughed but I felt stupid. It was really over something that again didn’t seem to matter but what is the criteria for it not mattering? I get to decide that. You get to decide that. Either way it is not following God and loving HIM and his commandments. [My daughter went with a friend to a Halsey and 5 Days Of Summer concert. My daughter was scheduled to have a music lesson that same early evening. I called her music lesson place at the last minute and cancelled the lesson she had that night. When asked how long I had known about it, I lied along with her reason for being absent.]

People lie all the time. Often I just let it slide but once in a while I get this mouth on me that says something to the effect of “I call blarney and I am going to prove it.” At that point, something is about to go down. Like you start a whole new greeting at the local bar. I have been the seemingly target of lies but to correct them is complicated and oversharing so I let lies lye. Note; that is only a portion of the truth but experience has taught me that the whole truth and nothing but the truth, everyone wants to hear but you can’t handle the truth or maybe I can’t handle the truth.

Let’s imagine I just stated a bunch of blarney in truth and the real expert. The doctor of the church St. Augustine has written the following;

The Enchiridion of Augustine chapter 22

Chapter 22. A Lie is Not Allowable, Even to Save Another from Injury

But every lie must be called a sin, because not only when a man knows the truth, but even when, as a man may be, he is mistaken and deceived, it is his duty to say what he thinks in his heart, whether it be true, or whether he only think it to be true. But every liar says the opposite of what he thinks in his heart, with purpose to deceive. Now it is evident that speech was given to man, not that men might therewith deceive one another, but that one man might make known his thoughts to another. To use speech, then, for the purpose of deception, and not for its appointed end, is a sin. Nor are we to suppose that there is any lie that is not a sin, because it is sometimes possible, by telling a lie, to do service to another. For it is possible to do this by theft also, as when we steal from a rich man who never feels the loss, to give to a poor man who is sensibly benefited by what he gets. And the same can be said of adultery also, when, for instance, some woman appears likely to die of love unless we consent to her wishes, while if she lived she might purify herself by repentance; but yet no one will assert that on this account such an adultery is not a sin. And if we justly place so high a value upon chastity, what offense have we taken at truth, that, while no prospect of advantage to another will lead us to violate the former by adultery, we should be ready to violate the latter by lying? It cannot be denied that they have attained a very high standard of goodness who never lie except to save a man from injury; but in the case of men who have reached this standard, it is not the deceit, but their good intention, that is justly praised, and sometimes even rewarded. It is quite enough that the deception should be pardoned, without its being made an object of laudation, especially among the heirs of the new covenant, to whom it is said: “Let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” And it is on account of this evil, which never ceases to creep in while we retain this mortal vesture, that the co-heirs of Christ themselves say, “Forgive us our debts.”

May your debts and mine be forgiven. May we all strive to focus on seeking the TRUTH. The truth is I am not my own. I belong to Jesus. He is the one who made me. Attributing any goodness to something else is crazy talk. For we all know, that what God has made, he calls good. Therefore, no matter what we have done or failed to do we are still good as all God’s children are. Seek truth and goodness all the days of your life.

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