Love Never Fails

I once heard a speaker, state that we should choose a bible verse, just one and try to live it to the fullest. That way the Bible verse would be our guide in everything. No matter what your decision you run it through the Bible verse. It is simple and yet effective.

The Bible verse I have tried to live out is 1 Corinthians 13. It is not an easy bible verse to live out. Nor would any verse be. Nor, do I think the verse that hits us to follow should be an easy road. This one piece of advice has greatly helped me. I believe, to be closer to becoming the saint I am called to be. I need the help of God’s word. Granted I am still impatient. I still sometimes use words uselessly without love behind them. I am indifferent to some people. I have hang up’s of negative strong emotion. I loose hope. Sometimes, I lack to see faith. Yet, still love never fails. It remains.

I understand psychologically that first off, a person can not love others until they love themselves. I would have absolutely nothing to give, if I did not go to God asking him to fill me up with HIS love in the first place. He knows how much love I need just to get through the day. That is why I pray so much. I have received an abundance of love from God. Some people may believe it. Others who are where I once was believe it to be unfair. I understand that God’s love doesn’t make me any more special, just more needy, clingy, and reliant on God. God has rules for his love you know…you have to be a tree hugger, be humble, love music, maintain kindness and well the imaginary list could go on.

Yet, I believe in the Bible verse that St. Paul gave us. We are to love because without that behind our actions it means nothing. Since love is from God and is a free gift than well we all can be more patient and kind with HIS graceful help. Without it, I know I would be an even bigger mess. I think we are to always figure out the best way to love others. Love never fails.

True maybe the way that I try to love isn’t seen as love at all. Maybe, I get side tracked in thinking something is loving when it is not. Keeping a neighbor safe is always loving. I have spent a great deal of time, reflecting on what love is. Often times it looks like some small sacrifice. The reward is rarely ever immediate. Oh, how I pray that I could follow that verse better and better in my life.

Lately, I have been challenged by the phrase to leave childish things behind. See, some things have happened in my past that have shaped me who I am. Crazy bird lady, what is the source of pigeon toed? I can’t change the past. Yet, to leave pain and move onto seeing in a mirror more dimly…well, that is challenging. It is not challenging to want to protect others. No that is in my core. I would fill up an entire Civic Center full of people that I want to protect and than some. I would much rather stay with things as I have come to know it. Comfortable. Silent. Only now the reflection wasn’t exactly how I originally seen it. It is like I needed an eye glass prescription update and I had no idea how poorly I was seeing.

I think the more we try to live out a bible verse the more we can see it in others living that way too. For instance, I see how others are patient with me. So very patient with me! The example of their love helps me understand how I can be more patient too. Thanks be to God, for the only one who puts up with me.

So what is your bible verse? At the end of your life, will people be able to tell others how you lived out that verse incredibly well?

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Pray for Us.

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