Who Do You Follow?

So recently with starting this blog I became more involved on social media. I quickly realized social media was a game. One that I am not sure I want to play. I started to play the game of followers. I would start to follow someone and they may or may not follow me back. I would end up liking their page, they would end up liking mine. I would like their post they would like mine. And I would get a small emotional kick out of someone perceiving to accept me, follow me, and like me. It was thrilling. It was irrational. It was time consuming.

Than I seen that some of the people were not actually authentic. Let’s not go into a laughing frenzy as I tell you I was convinced someone famous followed me on Instagram. Yes, me! Yes, gullible me! I am not a person that keeps up on these types of things and was surprised on how joyful it made me to believe I was worthy of such attention. Imagine the crash when I discovered they were not who they said they were. They were just on there to perhaps…you know I do not know what there reasoning was to be a pretender. All I knew is I wanted to be authentic. I wasn’t going to follow the unspoken following rules. I unliked things, unfollowed people, and put things as they were before the day started.

I think it is necessary to play if you want followers and no one is advertising for you to be followed. Ironically, now I know I have a massive amount of support and they don’t even know that God has a plan or they do. It’s fuzzy. Maybe they actually do know and I feel like the last to know. I want to change the world without being noticed and it seems that I have or rather God has. At least seemingly very few do notice. The numbers do not add up but whatever. Plagiarism or not I now know the original source of it all. I am not sure if I even want an advertisement. I would probably go coo coo for coco puffs thinking everything is inter connected. I am learning valuable lessons now and believe they are necessary for the journey. I want to play the game of followers it is fun. I want to find that gem of a person who doesn’t have a ton of followers but has amazing things to say.

I do not know what leaders in the lime light know or do not know but I have been whole heartily praying. I do not know the cause of their teary eyes only that they are for some reason that is related or not related to something. Not that I have a grandiose idea of my own impact but one of God’s impact. I have been praying that the leaders are not being emotionally manipulated. That they will be able to clearly discern as to what is of God and the Holy Spirit and what is of human error. I have been praying that whatever part of my story is being used that it brings about goodness to them and their followers. Most of all, I am grateful for them happily, jokingly, walking me through some difficult truths. I am grateful that I was able to see people’s humanity over their fame.

I know that one day I was all about gaining followers and my family went about their day being ignored. I will never get that day back. Reflecting on my actions that evening saddened me. I was appalled by my own zealous behavior especially later when I heard wind of my liking disrupting another families life. Just do little things. I just was caught up in the moment and made poor decisions for the long range. That is not who I want to be. So I developed rules for following people and so far I am sticking to them. I am living by the phrase; In a world of followers just work on being worthy of being followed. That sounds to wise for me to have said it but I am not sure of the source. We are ultimately to follow and live for Christ. So maybe if I follow HIM as best as I can than the rest will fall into place. Jesus only had 12 disciples so I am doing really good with 3 followers on twitter.

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