The Good Samaritan

A while ago I watched a video of a boy all alone in a city on a cold day without a jacket. It looked like he was perhaps cold. So many people just walked by. Not one of them stopping, well not many of them stopping to ask if he was ok. Just walking by as if he was invisible.

I do not know what I would have done in that situation. Likely as past has it, I may have noticed him and come up with a whole story that would appease my heart. Oh he is just waiting for his mom that ran into the neighboring apartment to get his coat. He was told to just sit there and not talk to strangers. It is ok that I kept on walking away as a stranger. As a matter of a fact, it is a good thing I didn’t add to his drama. He likely felt frustrated about forgetting his jacket. Yeah, he was likely in a time out. He forgot the coat rule to “wear it or carry it.” That matches the case. That is likely what happened.

Actually, maybe I should have been worried about the person filming it. What were they filming it for. Perhaps that is why it was so easy to walk by without helping cause clearly a monster would not be found in broad daylight. The filming probably threw people off. They all knew it was about to be a viral video about how uncaring we all can be. Are we called to help our neighbor or are we called to ignore them. Actually, it is kind-of fuzzy sometimes as to what we are to do. If it was Jesus sitting on the ledge though we would know what the right thing to do is, I think.

So the question is are you the good Samaritan? Are you a neighbor helping out in the best way? In the position that has been given to you? Cause to my surprise there are more people going around trying to support a person, a cause, a village, and heck even a goal orientated mission. Yet, it all starts with the clear concept of wanting to be a Good Samaritan.

Well that is just peachy. Apparently, lecturing my own self. I wrote the above paragraphs a while ago and well I had it sitting there as a ruff draft. Perhaps, I would run across additional added content someday. Maybe I would add to it a pool party or campfire story of some nice person who crossed my path.

Only to discover myself, in a completely different situation, deciding to actively ignore people at the gas station, at the grocery store, and even at church. Cause I can’t bring myself to fully believe that somethings are going lead to long term goodness. That has not been my life experience. It is my right to ignore people to not do whatever they want upon request. Absolutely, my right. As it is yours. Yet, who really missed out? I could have gotten to know some new people today. Instead, I decided that they weren’t really interested in knowing me just knowing what I could give them, so I ignored.

Not everybody ignores. Long ago, there was this guy at a campgrounds. As an odd couple was headed to the pool he started to intervene as a Good Samaritan. He seen something that compelled him to try to be a hero. He tried to rescue someone that appeared helpless. He wasn’t successful by our standards. He didn’t even look to good afterwards. Maybe he even went to the hospital. Yet, 2 by 2 they come to the Lord. Maybe he left thinking he was a loser but in my witnessing heart he is a winner for trying. I pray for the stranger sometimes especially when I play croquet. I am sure he is an old man now. Only he knows how much trying to help cost him. He is the type that steps out of his comfort zone to ask a kid if he needs help. He did something in the moment that forever has changed my outlook on some of the great goodness in humanity.

I don’t blame people who choose to go about their life without being a Good Samaritan. Apparently, there is no universal code for please leave me alone right now. I am unable to give right now. I don’t know their story. God knows their story and he knows why they choose to be a Good Samaritan or not. He knows where they are on the journey and why they are there. HE knows why they turn the other cheek to evil or at least try to. HE knows why they choose to fight or not fight. HE just constantly calls us to be a Good Neighbor for each other, it is up to us to figure out if we are called to be that and how.

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