If You Could Do Anything

Absolute, unconditional, positive regard to you. Imagine you had a person by your side that accepted you for all that you are and all that you are not. What would you do knowing that? Would you laugh in joy?Would your days be filled with the love and honor you are promised?

We all have something in our heart that we want more than anything. We would go to extreme lengths to get it. Maybe you want to be accepted as big and strong. Maybe you want reassurance that you were really liked in the first place. Maybe you want to feel like someone accepts you, trusts you, honors you, protects you, loves you, cares for you,…the list does go on.

So what would you do if you had all the ______________ you ever wanted? Would you use that to heal yourself or would you also realize it and try to heal others? Those others…we all know they need just as much work as ourselves. Maybe even less.

So if you could do anything, let’s face it, out of anything in the whole world there is something you would be doing. Cause there is a dream that you have for yourself that also matches up with the dream that God has for you. We well know that Martin Luther King Jr. has a dream for us. “I have a dream that one day…” I think we meant most of his dreams.


You clearly know when this circus started, there was a man, in a far away land, with a tall hat, that said with a nod , “She has power”. You had no clue as to why the Holy Spirit shared that with you. ALL power comes from God. Plus you have no idea what your power is.


So, there is a person who has a dream for your life. Not just a group of particular people but a dream for you specifically. They didn’t just have you be born and want you to do whatever you want in the moment without a regard for a goal at the end of life. If you’re a baptized Christian there was an adult who wanted you to embrace some particular creed of belief. There was power in someone’s words spoken over you. There was a person who spoke, I have a dream just for you. How are you doing on that dream?

In the answer lies what is both right and what is wrong with our heart. It tells us what is purified and what still needs to be purified. So whatever it is give that to God and he will be able to do wonders with it. At least that has been my experience and I pray that it is yours.

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