When I was a little girl I used to daydream about what gifts God was going to give me. As if one day, I was plain, simple, flawed me and the next I was this glorious version of me. The gifted change wouldn’t come over time but like a magic trick or better yet a true sudden miracle. Now, over time, I realize that each gift comes with grace. It is always given for a reason. It takes time to unfold. For some, when impatience is present, it takes way to much time. It may be impossible to recognize. Especially when it is things that are not put at high priority. It may be what is needed for the hardship we have and will endure. If you think of gifts as God given, you may start to resent the person who seems to have the most. However, the Holy Spirit can tell you to be at peace. Many do not know what motivates their soul. You are not called to increase their agony.

For my sake

With my strength

By my side


As any good parent, you try to give your children what they need and when they need it. God is much greater than our parenting skills so of course HE will give us as much as he can, provided we do our best with what we have been given. Well perhaps that is one theory on being given God’s gifts.

Another perspective that I seem more likely to relate to is being the needy child. The one that needs so much help. The one always bugging the parents for this or that because they need more than the other children in the family. They aren’t the one that have it together completely but the ones that could have a better chance of having it all work out for God’s glory if they could just completely rely on him while doing their best effort. If they could totally trust that he will provide.

Families that recognize that one child has more needs are loving towards the family member that needs it most. Maybe you have pity for that member. Maybe you have joy for them joining you. What if we treated each other as being the one that needs the most? What would that look like?

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