Survivor Obsession

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For about a week now I have been trying to come up with a biblical or inspired Catholic Catechism blog post. One that unites more than causes division. I have an idea for that but it is for next week. Anyhow, over and over I kept on coming back to the idea of survivor guilt.

I know so many people who have part of their story having some form of survivor guilt. In no particular order they are as follows:

💜 A mother whose child died crossing the road.
💜A survivor of the Vietnam war that won’t talk about what was ordered and done.
💜 A father that did something wrong in his parenting and kneels crying out for mercy.
💜 A brother of a brother who is smarter cause he ran away from danger.
💜 A mother who walks on the outside of a hospital with a now healthy child.
💜 A mother who blames herself for not protecting others more.
💜 A sibling that seems to have an easier life cause he was born without a piece of a chromosome missing.

This sounds like Hell right?

Anyhow all these stories of survivors have been floating around in my head. The thing is Mary, Our Virgin Mother, is the most well known survivor I can think of. She survived the death of her son. He was surely tortured. She didn’t experience guilt in being a survivor. So how come she apparently never spoke on feeling guilty that she lived on for many years? Well, yes she is sinless. She is full of grace and virtue. She was so full of God’s faith that she was able to survive the pain. Granted maybe her faith didn’t start out as a mustard seed but it certainly must have grown over the years to endure God’s will more and more fully.

Looking at other bible stories of people that were just like you and I as being born a sinner…they all had a hardship, a trial, a problem, and yet, they too learned to trust in God. To have faith in HIM. I can not think of one example where having guilt for moving on is a part of the biblical example on how to do things. We spend time meeting God, running away from HIM, or running towards HIM. They (the leaders) Also spent time in prayer. At any rate, they didn’t seem to feel guilty for sins that were not their own to carry. So we are to carry our own cross but know with clarity which cross is not ours to carry.

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