What Does Rest Mean?

When my husband and I were first married we lived in a parish house and took care of around 5 acre of grounds, a cemetery, and a small parish church. In exchange for our labors, we got to live in a large white 2 story 5 bedroom home rent free. It was really a fantastic […]

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We all have pet peeves some are more profound than others. Like one of my pet peeves is going to a restaurant and you go to eat your food and the fork prongs are slightly bent. Thank goodness it is an easy fix and I am married to Superman who can bend the fork back […]

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To Be Fully Known

We are all in the same boat trying to maneuver the sea. At least that is what we are suppose to believe and live by. No matter how we got on the ship. Actually, I would like to get off this cargo ship and onto the cruise ship. Where is the harbor at? No matter […]

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Survivor Obsession

For about a week now I have been trying to come up with a biblical or inspired Catholic Catechism blog post. One that unites more than causes division. I have an idea for that but it is for next week. Anyhow, over and over I kept on coming back to the idea of survivor guilt. […]

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Theodore Rosevelt is famous for a number of quotes one of which is, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. I thought it was perhaps a very fitting quote coming from someone who was unable to walk on his own two feet. Other than that I do not know what he may have been comparing himself […]

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Mass Shootings

Certainly correct me if I am wrong cause I know I may very easily fall into cynicism or lack of hope. They say in psychology, that suicide is not wanting to kill oneself but wanting the pain to stop. So it is likely that mass shootings (//Mass shootings) mean not necessary that they want people […]

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Pray Without Ceasing

I was working at a religious retreat when I understood for the first time what pray without ceasing meant. No matter what was being done, dishes, cleaning, listening, reading and whatever else it was to be done under the umbrella of doing it for God. Weather it is praise and thanksgiving, sacrifice and tears it […]

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In Case You’re Confused

A number of years ago, I was once out of town for a work conference. At the last minute, I decided I didn’t want to be right here, right now. Like a junkie in search for a meeting, I decided that maybe if I hurried I could make an evening Mass somewhere. I absolutely love […]

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When I was a little girl I used to daydream about what gifts God was going to give me. As if one day, I was plain, simple, flawed me and the next I was this glorious version of me. The gifted change wouldn’t come over time but like a magic trick or better yet a […]

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One Job

I like those memes that say, “you had one job”. It is making fun of the fact that they goofed up the one job that they had. Often times, I can see how they got there, which isn’t the funny part. Somehow, things didn’t happen in the order that would have meant success. Somehow, they […]

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What I Hear Is

Have you ever tried listening to a program and your internet cuts in and out? Like one minute everything is just fine and normal the next you have a blank screen and no audio? Well, that is often times what it is like attending something spiritual. I miss things. Maybe you miss things two. Like […]

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That Doesn’t Make Sense

You ever get in a disagreement with someone and you just can’t figure out where you lost them. Like your argument is solid. It makes perfect logical sense. There is no question to it being the truth. Yet, somehow it is not being understood or practiced. Clearly there must be multiple layers of indifference exasperated […]

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If You Could Do Anything

Absolute, unconditional, positive regard to you. Imagine you had a person by your side that accepted you for all that you are and all that you are not. What would you do knowing that? Would you laugh in joy?Would your days be filled with the love and honor you are promised? We all have something […]

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The Good Samaritan

A while ago I watched a video of a boy all alone in a city on a cold day without a jacket. It looked like he was perhaps cold. So many people just walked by. Not one of them stopping, well not many of them stopping to ask if he was ok. Just walking by […]

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To Fight or Not to Fight

If I really think about it, I may be the person holding up the sign on the corner of the street that reads, “Peace be with you.” Isn’t that what God wants from us as disciples? I have spent time contemplating if I should actively join peaceful demonstrations. The thing is just the very act […]

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Who Do You Follow?

So recently with starting this blog I became more involved on social media. I quickly realized social media was a game. One that I am not sure I want to play. I started to play the game of followers. I would start to follow someone and they may or may not follow me back. I […]

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A Brother In Christ

I don’t know about you, but I like to have all my ducks in a row. The key is “like too” and when it is not that way, well, I find myself frustrated, lost, confused and a bit disorientated. Trust God more, they say. Pray unceasingly. Concentrate on God. I do not doubt the advice […]

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Love Never Fails

I once heard a speaker, state that we should choose a bible verse, just one and try to live it to the fullest. That way the Bible verse would be our guide in everything. No matter what your decision you run it through the Bible verse. It is simple and yet effective. The Bible verse […]

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The Lamb

When I was a child I lived just a mile away from my aunt. In many ways, she seemed like the big sister I never had instead of an aunt. She would always talk with me as if my answers were important. Later she moved away. When I was a teenager, I often spent a […]

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We Danced

Around a year ago, I had a friend. Actually, at this point he was more of an acquaintance, that had died. We had drifted apart. There was a point that we were close. At least, I considered him quite close. We no longer spoke. We had different moral opinions on what was right and wrong. […]

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The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself. Augustine of Hippo If you have to lie to protect your job are you doing your job? Generally speaking, men lie to protect themselves, while women lie to protect others. The reason for lying is always […]

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Embraced By The Light

When I was in college, so many, many, many years ago I had picked up a popular book. It was a short, simple, book that spoke about God’s love in heaven. It likely has some theological [Catholic] flaws in it but that is where I was at. That is where I still find myself at […]

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Sometimes hearing the phrase “You have been chosen”. “You are called” It sounds more like an alien adventure. Beam me up. Where is the spaceship parked? I am requesting an Easy Spell and Reece’s Pieces. Now let’s get started. Actually, is this where I want to be or did I just fall into it? They […]

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The Unspoken Prerequisites

In high school we had a civics or maybe it was a politics class. Not my favorite subject to be taught in monotone, even if I did recognize his superior intellect. Yet, one day the teacher who seemingly spoke to hear himself talk, spoke about the unspoken prerequisites of becoming the next president of the […]

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It was a crisp fall day with a grey overcast in the sky. Penny was outside in the front yard laying down on the cool dry grass. This is a strict childlike affliction. The neighbor girl Hiede just walked across the field of torn down corn stalks to get to Penny’s home. Hiede was a […]

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There are MANY beautiful things within the Catholic Church. Eucharistic Adoration, Stain Glass rose windows, Latin Chant Music, The 73 books of the Bible, and all the Mass posture changes, just to name a few. However, devotion to the Mother of God is also quite beautiful. You could spend a life time really contemplating that […]

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Roger That

When preparing for war you do not just start out in the middle of the front line. No, no you first go through an intense training. That way you can be more successful at surviving whatever you endure. It was 1969, and a young American man was drafted into service for the Vietnam War. This […]

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Purple Hair

God loves everybody even people with purple hair. This was something that was said to me often as a child. Most often when as a child I found myself mesmerized by someone’s appearance or when I would make a remark that was less than gracious. Those words of wisdom stick with me often as I […]

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Smile More

Ever notice most problems seem to defuse themselves if you could just do one simple thing. Just do this thing that another person wants you to do. Change yourself. Improve yourself. Make life much more bearable for the rest of us. Show more gratitude. Just be different than who you really are. If only you […]

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Jesus is who he says he is. If you have ever seriously took time to dive into the Bible and learned of the many amazing coincidences that puts the whole story together it is an undeniable truth. That Jesus is who he says he is. (But who do you say that he is?) Any other […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure

In grade school, my favorite series of books that started to put a zeal for reading in me, were books called, choose your own adventure. They were short stories that within a couple pages you got to decide what you would do. How would you fight the dragon in front of you? You make a […]

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Freeze Time

I have gotten in this habit that when I watch shows, videos, and whatever entertainment that is out there I will often look up numbers that I see. As if those numbers represent something significant. So pick a number between 1 and 2,865 and there is an awe inspiring quote that can be contemplated. It […]

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Intense Emotional Joy

There was this nun that had just taken her final vows. She was super excited to be connected to Jesus. She had this undeniable emotional bond with our Lord and Savior. This was her first day. She woke up at the crack of dawn. She jumped out of bed for being filled with pure joy. […]

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Answered Prayers

Many, many years ago before I met my charming husband, I had went on a blind date. I had been writing to this guy for some time. We decided to meet at the Mall of America. He choose the spot, which was a bench outside a department store. Well, I waited for him to show. […]

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Butterfly Greenhouse

There once was a family at the amusement park on a Saturday afternoon. They packed everything for the day except the kitchen sink. The Father, Mother, and two boys were just headed to the food court. The father put in the order for hamburger and fries. He turned around to ask the boys, “What would […]

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Worth So Much More

There once was this girl, we will call her Penny. Penelope was her full real name. Yet, everyone called her Penny. She loved the name because every time someone would say it she knew she was worth so much more. Ever notice? People do not necessarily treat Pennies how they should. Some use and abuse […]

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Christ at your Center

When I first heard people talking about Christ being the center of your life I didn’t get it. Actually, I thought they were wrong. So, I was sent on a quest to prove that indeed that was the case. See, I believe and still believe that Christ is above us. He is in heaven sitting […]

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Daycare; A Day To Care

There was once this group of kids at daycare that were playing outside. They were pretending to be Steve Irwin and poke the busy momma bear. There was a perceived value to being a bear. At first it was fun for the group like they were all grown up and running around like teenagers. Yet, […]

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For Me Or Against Me?

Have you been there? I have been there. For me, it is when I think people are against me. Maybe they are against me. Maybe they are for me. The thing is that statement is about me more than it is about them. If God is for us, who can be against us? Realize too […]

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Guardian Angel

When I was a little girl, every night before bed I would say my nightly prayers. God Bless…we went through the whole family tree. Some nights I would stall and ask God to bless each person I knew, by name, even all my Catholic school classmates. Even the smart boy who annoyed me with his […]

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Thanks Be To God

A while ago I had ran across this quote that stated to turn your “I’m sorry” into “Thank you.” The concept was instead of walking around apologizing for who you are, you would thank people for what they were giving you. It put an emphasis on being thankful for others instead of being sorrowful for […]

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Where is Your Sting?

I got in an argument with God, guess who won? Actually, there is not a loser in the discussion. Just truth. So over the past few weeks, I have been attending Mass and Adoration and private prayer with an argument in my heart. I was told to do something that seems fairly clearly to be […]

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Be a Good Friend

I think the best friendship anyone can have is with Jesus. If we have a close relationship with Jesus he calls us his friend. We are no longer slaves but friends. Jesus calls me a friend. I do not think that is by accident. A friend loves at all times. God loves at all times. […]

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Hurt, Help, or Heal

Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year. Statistically, the odds of winning the lottery are about 1 in 175 million. The odds of being struck by lighting in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000. What I hear is, there is a chance that you could be that ONE. Enter through the narrow gate. Sometime back, […]

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That’s What She Said

Everyone seems to struggle with gossip. I do not think there is a social human being that does not struggle with it. There are times when I have fallen into it too. Maybe I think I am just venting frustrations, maybe I think I am seeking council, maybe I just want to help a person […]

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Boast of Weakness

For a number of weeks now, maybe even a good month or so, I have been spending sometime reflecting on the Bible verse but he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” I will all the more gladly boast of my weaknesses, that the power […]

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I think there are basic requirements for things. No shirt, no shoes, no service. Doctors have to have a doctor degree. Flight attendants have to meet size requirements. Military have to be tough enough to pass boot camp. Bus drivers need background cheeks. In light of scandal, Priests should be able to complete basic requirements. […]

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Movin’ Right Along

A few years ago, I was traveling to the cities for a Doctor’s appointment. While driving I had taken a freeway curve a bit fast and the car felt a bit sloppy. I internally heard. Slow down. So I did. At that time, I was about 15 minutes from my destination. I than tried to […]

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Peace Be with You

Some time ago I had volunteered for a helping hotline. It was a good use of my time and skills. Well one night, I had spent time with a gentleman on the phone who was filled with shame of his sins. So much so that he no longer seen the reason for living. I did […]

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Reading a Story

I like to read in a comfy chair. Pulling out my bible to read, I envision God saying, “My beloved daughter, I do not wish to squash your care, concern, and love. I know you have this shoulder wound from wrestling with evil but get yourself settled in so that any real pain or pressure […]

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One Sheep

A number of years ago, I had a job that I was suppose to go to. It was an overnight weekend position. However, on that particular day, I had this overwhelming urge to not go. I wasn’t feeling the best but I could have pushed through it. I never played hooky from work but there […]

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Split Second Patience

My son likes science fiction movies. He could carry on a lengthy conversation about Marvel, DCComics, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Percy Jackson…Anyhow, not a subject that interests me much but I do try to make an effort to intellectually connect with him about his interests. Therefore, I find myself watching a fair amount of sci-fi […]

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We all like getting a genuine compliment. It is kindness. It is connecting. It is meant to give to the other some verbal perceived good. Granted we do not get our worth from positive reinforcement that comes from God. Someone who wants others to clearly know a person’s worth may already have that so engrained […]

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Emotional Temperature

I once worked at a camp. At the camp their was a storm outside. It was a significant storm so we all had to go to the basement. The camp was for people that had some physical or mental impairment. So it was a big deal to get everyone safe down stairs. It was about […]

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Staying the Same

When parenting young children, I very much bought into the idea that children behave when they can and if they can’t then they do not know how. (Dr. Ross Green) As a parenting couch being a hat I wore at work, I would gently point it out to parents when they claim that their child […]

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Who are you united to? How do you become united to others? We are to be united to everyone. Love, as I have loved you. Jesus says. We are united by a way of ultimate love. We are the body of Christ. If you can find a glimpse of Christ in someone, it is easier […]

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Dear Angry Friend

At a point in my life, I was faced with being told I had to forgive what I believe many would see as unforgivable. Not because I wanted to forgive but because I understood the wisdom that it was the healthy thing to do. I wish I could say it was a walk in the […]

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Visiting other churches

I was baptized Catholic, attended Catholic grade school and received First Communion. My mother was Lutheran. She was actually the one very committed to doing my Catholic Sunday school homework with me. I grew up clearly understanding that I believed the Eucharist to be Jesus and she believed it to be a symbol of Jesus. […]

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High Expectations

I remember the one time that I went to Mount Rushmore. I had looked forward to it. I had seen so many pictures of it. I was excited about seeing it, experiencing it, learning about it even more. However, when we got there it didn’t live up to the hype that I had built up […]

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One of my first jobs was at a wood factory. Truth. There were many different departments and I had worked in almost all of them throughout my summers and school breaks with the company. My absolutely favorite job there was in the speciality department. They had this conveyer belt with a very bright light that […]

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Self Actualized Christian

I was talking with our family friend a while back. He was a another Christian Denomination Pastor now a practicing Catholic. He, his wife, and their wonderful children converted to Catholicism for many reasons. To simplify the big picture he stated the Catholic Church has precise answers found in the Catholic Catechism, spoke the truth, […]

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Humble Thy Self

Matthew Kelly (Matthew Kelly Dynamic Catholic) has this idea to attend Mass and write down the one message that stood out. It is a tool to help foster a stronger union and relationship with the trinity. So I suppose, it has been a couple years ago, since I tried to implement that idea. As I […]

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Give Love

To this somewhat picture-isk home they brought a baby girl into their life. They had wanted a child for so long. Years actually. They had their hearts open to God’s plan. Finally, God showed up with a baby girl. She was good. We are so grateful for the parents to be able to bring another […]

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Will I be a good mother?

Once upon a time there was a women who sat in her thinking place crying. In her hand she held a pregnancy test. What did the test say you question? Why was she crying? Well in this story she was pregnant but didn’t want to be. Why on earth would someone not want a baby? […]

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Trust in the Lord

We all want something. We can be consumed by longing and thoughts of want. Maybe it is that new car, that new outfit, a special relationship, a family vacation, a vacation all by ourselves, or just simply a peaceful home. Can I get an Amen? Why are you choosing to want something? Do you not […]

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Lead with Beauty

When you have good news you want to share it. I think a fair amount of blessings that have been bestowed upon me and I should pass them on. Part of me wants to share every single holy story with you, all at once. Sometimes love can happen in an instant but the lasting kind […]

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Captain Jack

My mind is always thinking on something. The only time it is truly resting is when I am sleeping and even then it comes up with some bizarre dreams, like swallowing marbles. Those moments when I am not praying, listening, responding, or actively thinking; I usually have a song stuck in my head. I have […]

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This Site uses Cookies

I recently was on a site and it warned me, this site uses cookies. Notice the word warn. You do not have to warn somebody of something if it is not a potential threat. What does that even mean that they use cookies. It makes me nervous. Does it have in cookies that while on […]

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Who cares?

I recently ran across this quote. (I am a bit of quote fanatic.) There is just something about knowing a small piece of someone’s mind and heart that has me hooked. Anyhow the quote was; In a world full of people, who couldn’t care less, be the one who couldn’t care more. -Anonymous Yes! Can […]

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God is Jealous for you

To the best of my knowledge, envy and jealousy are not my vice in this world. I can count on one hand, oh make it two just to be safe, on the times I truly felt jealous. I am not bragging. Let’s just agree to love each other even if we sin differently from each […]

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Being Born

In this day and age, being born is a big deal. We announce it to all our near and far friends. Even acquaintances on social media get to be informed. Many parents now have a gender reveal party. So many souls for one reason or another, do not even make it that far to be […]

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You’re It

Remember playing tag? It was a fun past time on the playground, at camp, at family reunions, or maybe even in gym class. I think tag is especially fun if you know you’re good at running. I was not a fast runner but ran with endurance tiring my opponent out. In traditional tag there is […]

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Hopes And Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams for our life. Well, one day the dream came true for husband and wife. After being married they had purchased a run down, used trailer. “Think of it as the cutest, little, tiny house there is.” She told herself. They had parked it on land that was purchased for […]

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Once upon a time there was a stubborn teenager. Just imagine if you can. This teenager refused to go to church. Her parents had a rule. In our house we will serve the Lord. By serving that meant attending Sunday Service. It came to a testing as many teenagers do tend to push boundaries. She […]

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The Drop

There once was a little boy riding a school bus home. The boy was a well behaved lad; quiet, unassuming, good listener, and a people pleaser. His bus driver stopped to drop him off at his stop. At the stop, were not two dogs waiting to greet him with authentic love, affection, and unconditional love. […]

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Send me

A couple of years ago, I was going to start a blog. I wrote up a couple short stories. I spent time reviewing them. I dreamed up all kinds of different ideas on what I would write about. I made lists. I made plans. I even had grandiose dreams about improving myself and the world […]

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Bring Your Candle

It only takes a spark to get a fire going. One spark from a match can start a blazing fire. One light from another candle can light any darkness. I think life is a lot like that. We have a candle and we can choose to keep it all to ourselves or we can choose […]

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Born Again

I always thought it was spiritually inspiring to say you were born again. That is the lingo of when you decide that Jesus is your Lord and Savior. You may say a special prayer and bingo you are now claiming yourself to be a son or daughter of a God. Many Christian religions have it […]

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We Are All On A Journey

When does a journey actually begin?  Is it in your mind or is it in your heart?  Is it in the moment when we take the first step?  We are all on a journey in our lives.  Some of us have a grand entrance and others are the most humble.  Many are both.  Jesus has […]

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