Love Never Fails

I once heard a speaker, state that we should choose a bible verse, just one and try to live it to the fullest. That way the Bible verse would be our guide in everything. No matter what your decision you run it through the Bible verse. It is simple and yet effective. The Bible verse […]

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Roger That

When preparing for war you do not just start out in the middle of the front line. No, no you first go through an intense training. That way you can be more successful at surviving whatever you endure. It was 1969, and a young American man was drafted into service for the Vietnam War. This […]

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Christ at your Center

When I first heard people talking about Christ being the center of your life I didn’t get it. Actually, I thought they were wrong. So, I was sent on a quest to prove that indeed that was the case. See, I believe and still believe that Christ is above us. He is in heaven sitting […]

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Staying the Same

When parenting young children, I very much bought into the idea that children behave when they can and if they can’t then they do not know how. (Dr. Ross Green) As a parenting couch being a hat I wore at work, I would gently point it out to parents when they claim that their child […]

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Who are you united to? How do you become united to others? We are to be united to everyone. Love, as I have loved you. Jesus says. We are united by a way of ultimate love. We are the body of Christ. If you can find a glimpse of Christ in someone, it is easier […]

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Humble Thy Self

Matthew Kelly (Matthew Kelly Dynamic Catholic) has this idea to attend Mass and write down the one message that stood out. It is a tool to help foster a stronger union and relationship with the trinity. So I suppose, it has been a couple years ago, since I tried to implement that idea. As I […]

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Give Love

To this somewhat picture-isk home they brought a baby girl into their life. They had wanted a child for so long. Years actually. They had their hearts open to God’s plan. Finally, God showed up with a baby girl. She was good. We are so grateful for the parents to be able to bring another […]

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Will I be a good mother?

Once upon a time there was a women who sat in her thinking place crying. In her hand she held a pregnancy test. What did the test say you question? Why was she crying? Well in this story she was pregnant but didn’t want to be. Why on earth would someone not want a baby? […]

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Trust in the Lord

We all want something. We can be consumed by longing and thoughts of want. Maybe it is that new car, that new outfit, a special relationship, a family vacation, a vacation all by ourselves, or just simply a peaceful home. Can I get an Amen? Why are you choosing to want something? Do you not […]

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Captain Jack

My mind is always thinking on something. The only time it is truly resting is when I am sleeping and even then it comes up with some bizarre dreams, like swallowing marbles. Those moments when I am not praying, listening, responding, or actively thinking; I usually have a song stuck in my head. I have […]

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Who cares?

I recently ran across this quote. (I am a bit of quote fanatic.) There is just something about knowing a small piece of someone’s mind and heart that has me hooked. Anyhow the quote was; In a world full of people, who couldn’t care less, be the one who couldn’t care more. -Anonymous Yes! Can […]

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God is Jealous for you

To the best of my knowledge, envy and jealousy are not my vice in this world. I can count on one hand, oh make it two just to be safe, on the times I truly felt jealous. I am not bragging. Let’s just agree to love each other even if we sin differently from each […]

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Being Born

In this day and age, being born is a big deal. We announce it to all our near and far friends. Even acquaintances on social media get to be informed. Many parents now have a gender reveal party. So many souls for one reason or another, do not even make it that far to be […]

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You’re It

Remember playing tag? It was a fun past time on the playground, at camp, at family reunions, or maybe even in gym class. I think tag is especially fun if you know you’re good at running. I was not a fast runner but ran with endurance tiring my opponent out. In traditional tag there is […]

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Hopes And Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams for our life. Well, one day the dream came true for husband and wife. After being married they had purchased a run down, used trailer. “Think of it as the cutest, little, tiny house there is.” She told herself. They had parked it on land that was purchased for […]

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Once upon a time there was a stubborn teenager. Just imagine if you can. This teenager refused to go to church. Her parents had a rule. In our house we will serve the Lord. By serving that meant attending Sunday Service. It came to a testing as many teenagers do tend to push boundaries. She […]

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The Drop

There once was a little boy riding a school bus home. The boy was a well behaved lad; quiet, unassuming, good listener, and a people pleaser. His bus driver stopped to drop him off at his stop. At the stop, were not two dogs waiting to greet him with authentic love, affection, and unconditional love. […]

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Send me

A couple of years ago, I was going to start a blog. I wrote up a couple short stories. I spent time reviewing them. I dreamed up all kinds of different ideas on what I would write about. I made lists. I made plans. I even had grandiose dreams about improving myself and the world […]

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Bring Your Candle

It only takes a spark to get a fire going. One spark from a match can start a blazing fire. One light from another candle can light any darkness. I think life is a lot like that. We have a candle and we can choose to keep it all to ourselves or we can choose […]

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Born Again

I always thought it was spiritually inspiring to say you were born again. That is the lingo of when you decide that Jesus is your Lord and Savior. You may say a special prayer and bingo you are now claiming yourself to be a son or daughter of a God. Many Christian religions have it […]

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We Are All On A Journey

When does a journey actually begin?  Is it in your mind or is it in your heart?  Is it in the moment when we take the first step?  We are all on a journey in our lives.  Some of us have a grand entrance and others are the most humble.  Many are both.  Jesus has […]

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